3 thoughts on “Lil G getting into the box (video) – part 2”

  1. salam bro…nampak mcm susah hati jer…niat baik bro tuk megharumkan nama negara i’allah ,Allah akan buka rezeki tuk bro yang penting bro kena sentiasa berdoa..sy di Malaysia juga sentiasa doakan tuk bro..I’allah….


  2. This is very rare to see your facial expression like that… How I wish I got the finance to back you up! I hope the related companies in Malaysia is following up on this blog and do something about it! Bro Hadi, I wish you well and pray for your safe journey. May you do Malaysia proud!… We are already proud of you for attempting this incredible feat! Insyallah..

    Your bro in Singapopre,


    1. i still wonder how would you look when suddenly u found out that the bill is double than they qouted you?
      and also the flight ticket and not getting the service that u paid for?
      boleh senget muka beb.
      lets hope some companies would come in soon.


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