Flood relief Updates

Khoda Kay liye.

Dear all,

It has been hectic here running around getting supplies and coordinating the relief. Thank God it’s progressing and moving. Thanks again for donors, support and prayers. God Bless you guys.

As for today, ration packs almost reached 1000 bags. We are still packing day and night. 20,000 water bottles big and small has arrived. We have about 50 tons of supplies ready to be delivered.

United Pakistan has done a great job in making it happen. Keep it coming people.

I let the pictures do the talking.

Khoda Hafez.

Ps: It looks like I’m going to be here longer than planned.

meeting with the core team from time to time
yousof look really stress.
working hard ...
Great team of United Pakistan
Water bottles arrived
Relief Post in Karachi town
Training conducted at night for volunteers
Packing ongoing day and night
Packing done at other post
Cooking oil and water supply arrived

16 thoughts on “Flood relief Updates”

  1. Semoga usaha & keringat saudara akan dilipat gandakan pahala dan ganjaran dariNya..

    Ramadhan menguji hambaNya dalam pelbagai bentuk..

    p/s: saya sentiasa mendoakan keselamatan saudara di Pakistan


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