Tanah Jawa….Jakarta–Bogor–Bandung–Cirebon.

Dalam Kalut Ada Peraturan,
Peraturan Cipta Kekalutan…

In Chaos There is Order…

Thats how i can describe Jawa.
Island with huge cities,Megapolis,humans,Trucks,Cars,Bikes,Becak ..anything u name it on the road…
Day and nite.
It never stops.
not a city person i am
i prefer the sight and smell the mountains,beaches and the greens along my ride.
most of the time i wont visit and hang out at the mall.
kinda dont shop man lah.
not for me.

Bogor is a must visit in Jawa.
A botanical garden right smack in the city of 1 million population.
too much of nice things to write about it here.
lots of agro product sold along the streets,fruits.
all fresh from the garden.
produced locally and some exported too.

My story came out here lah in Harian Metro.

In Bogor i changed my rear tyre.
Had passed 4500km i guess on the odometer and she needs new shoes.
Went around shopping and found 1 shop that sells it.
here in indonesia i was told that u buy the parts and go to other shop to get it installed or fixed.
prices are not including installation.
here i am riding around with the new tyre to get it fixed.
too lazy to fix it myself.
its a local made tyres and they say its the best and tough tyre for touring.

On my way up to Bandung..
we have to pass this area called “Puncak”
highland where teas are planted and served during every meal.
locals are proud to tell you that their tea is the best ever.
it is.
it does smell and taste good ,even without sugar.
again on this day rain came and blessed me.
Bogor known for a city of Thunderstorm,in heavy rain i had a flat tyre.
lucky me all the time.
i stop right smack in front of repair shop.
in indonesia,u can find almost everywhere around the corner a shop that fix your tyre or tube.
day and night.

its an old skool type of fixing tube.
it works all the time.

Shopping haven for Malaysian..
Stats shows that 80% of the visitor here are malaysian.
been here few times i guess.
so this time i am going to skip everything and head straight to “Tangkuban Perahu”
Volcano Crater that’s still alive and emits Sulphuric gas.
Was closed to public last month due to seismic activities.
2000mtr above the sea level and climbing up with my Kapcai was a breeze…
Selamba ja bro….

“Tangkuban Perahu ” has its own fairy tales too…
too long to write it here.
may be nxt time lah me write
heading eastward i pass a town called Subang.
but this “Subang” in Jawa is downhill ride with nice corners…
and lots of Durian along the way.
cannot stop lah..
If i burp in this helmet in the rain after Durian…
i might suffer.

putting up a night in a town called Cerebon.
whats great here?
Fisherman town it is.
with colonial Train station and building.
everywhere u can enjoy lots of fresh seafood.
soup,fried,grilled..u name it.
with the right price and good taste.

it has its own story to tell too.
here lies the Tomb of Sunan Gunung Jati.
1 out of 9 “Wali Songo”
packed with ppl visiting his tomb with dreams and wishes everyday…
by the bus load.
They pray as i watch.

I arrived here late.
almost dark.
there are still lots of ppl around.
i was called by the local guard to park my bike at the entrance of this holy place.
filled with aged tombstone and ppl reciting quran and prayers inside.

sunrise is very early here.
before 6 the sun is out
not suprised as i am heading east.
before leaving this town a place i must visit is Masjid Agung Sang Cipta Rasa,Kasapuhan .
The oldest Mosque in Indonesia.
Built in 1478 and still standing strong.
As they say..
This is the place of birth for Islam in Indonesia.
With unique architecture ,it does amaze me.
after hundreds of year and war after war,its still intact.

My journey continues today…
Destination ..Semarang.
City of Jamu and herbal meds capital for Indonesia.

Bengkulu- Bandar Lampung–Bakauhani–Jakarta

Riding down the west coast was my dream.
some would advice me not to take that route…
yet they never been there.
tak pernah sampai dan buat tapi nak nasihat orang…

west coast has the best road and the best view to ride in sumatera.
I keep telling myself that i will be back here someday for another ride.

the hilly road,nice curves,nice ppl,friendly ppl.

if they say the road was bad…
its not the whole country.
some parts yes..
bad roads,potholes,u name it.
not 100 %
just some parts.
might drain you.
but the view pays.

and you might get to see some local or traditional show.
especially end of year..
wedding and such lah

Kuda Kepang show during wedding ceremony
Kuda Kepang show during wedding ceremony
Local kids performing Kuda Kepang.
I used to see this when i was a kid in my Kg
Local kids performing Kuda Kepang.
I used to see this when i was a kid in my Kg

Heading south to the tip of Sumatera you will pass Bandar Lampung.
a transit town for local heading to Jawa Island.

To get to Jawa you need to take ferry from Bakauhani.
huge port that runs round the clock…

on board the ferry they hv lots of stuff lah.
selling tape and also Dangdut show

Live Dangdut show on board
Live Dangdut show on board
Tape and lots of tape from different dialect and songs
Tape and lots of tape from different dialect and songs

From “Merak” jetty on Jawa side its only 100 km to get to Jakarta…
but believe me the trafic or “macet” as they call it will take you about 4 hours…

i need a break in Jakarta.
Its flood season and the rain greets me everyday around the clock.