Flood Relief Updates with pictures

Khoda Khay Liye


Loading of relief goods into trucks was done early morning under the stars. Power supply was on and off and we had to run on generator sometimes. Loading job was done around 3pm.

Loading At night
warehouse almost empty
Last truck to be loaded

We departed at 4.30pm and arrived at our base-camp at almost 3am. It was drizzling along the way and we had few chai stops just stretch and freshen up.


We had a good sleep and good rest as needed. Today we managed to cover quite a number of villages for the distribution of relief goods.

Name of villages not in particular order of distribution….
1-Ali Khan
2-Sehat Faqirani
3-Faqirpur Broki
5-Wali Muhammad Jeho
6-Chango Rahuja
7-Khuda Bakhsh Broki
8-Muhammad Murad Broki
9-Garhi Yasen

Distribution of relief good was very organised and under control. Registration of IDP’s was done prior to our arrival.

While doing the distribution Yousof recieved a call, Hameer Soomoro village in Shikarpur was short of food and water.
So we sent out 300 bags of ration and 1200 bottles of water immediately.

Total for today = 881 ration bags and 1200 bottles of water.

Distribution has to stop  at 7pm because its almost iftar time and its getting dark. Been a long day indeed and my stomach is not feeling good. Time to rest.

Thanks to Yousuf for taking this while i am sleeping.n the cap too.

Another day tomorrow.

Khoda Hafez.

More pics to share…..

House underwater
Victims bracing the flood
Sandbag to hold the water
Railway tracks under water,and the mosque behind it
Communal kitchen for iftar

tent village by the riverbed