Ghari Yasin, here we come

Khoda Khay Liye.

Dear All,

Four trucks have left United Pakistan warehouse at 3pm today heading to Ghari Yasin, Shikarpur. They are filled with 2167 bags of rations, 7800 of one and a half liters drinking waters and 47 family-sized plastic sheet mats.

700km to go overland and travel time is still unknown due to road closure due to rain and flood. Let’s pray and hope everything will be fine.

Pictures later, people.

Khoda Hafez.

Pakistan Flood Relief Update

Khoda Khay Liye

Dear all.

As I am updating this, we have reached 1800 ration pack and counting. Packing is still goin on day and night. I let the pictures and the videos do the talking.

To those who wants to make fun and mockery of what I am doing. thanks a lot. This pictures and videos were not shot in Malaysia.

Khoda Hafez

packing still ongoing until sahur
Keep on packing
They hardly stop for a break
Ready to be delivered
Relief supply arrived in the morning
Thank you donors and funders for the food