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Persiapan perubatan dan insuran sebelom kita mengembara


Hari ini kita nak berkongsi tentang persiapan sebelom ride.
perkara penting adalah insurance dan perubatan..

Mohon share pada kengkawan semua dan juga kalau ada pertanyaan..
boleh komen kat bawah atau pm terus
maaf kerana video kurang jelas..aku copy dari FB bawak ka sini…
kualiti kurang memuaskan…
akan diperbaiki pada video yg akan datang.


Throwback 2012

watermarked-2013-01-10 16.13.50 It has been a while I know..

Haven’t been writing.Getting rusty and slow with the typing.its all about reading and read and read.whats getting into my head?

Next ride maybe?Next adventure?

The reality is.. I have been busy with work.With the oil that i have..Owh..i have produced my own engine oil for bikes.and racing oil and 2 T too.With the racing that we can proudly say that ranking no 2 and 3 for Malaysia.King Of 2 T 2017 for All Star Category.My workshop.Doing Live telecast during the race.Went to India.yes….The Himalaya again last year.Newspaper, TV and the list goes on.

What could be Next?

I will start updating my blog here and slowly will post my backdated pending post slowly to get back on track.

till then…

watch this space..