Throwback 2012

watermarked-2013-01-10 16.13.50 It has been a while I know..

Haven’t been writing.Getting rusty and slow with the typing.its all about reading and read and read.whats getting into my head?

Next ride maybe?Next adventure?

The reality is.. I have been busy with work.With the oil that i have..Owh..i have produced my own engine oil for bikes.and racing oil and 2 T too.With the racing that we can proudly say that ranking no 2 and 3 for Malaysia.King Of 2 T 2017 for All Star Category.My workshop.Doing Live telecast during the race.Went to India.yes….The Himalaya again last year.Newspaper, TV and the list goes on.

What could be Next?

I will start updating my blog here and slowly will post my backdated pending post slowly to get back on track.

till then…

watch this space..

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