Pakistan Flood Relief Update

Khoda Khay Liye

Dear all.

As I am updating this, we have reached 1800 ration pack and counting. Packing is still goin on day and night. I let the pictures and the videos do the talking.

To those who wants to make fun and mockery of what I am doing. thanks a lot. This pictures and videos were not shot in Malaysia.

Khoda Hafez

packing still ongoing until sahur
Keep on packing
They hardly stop for a break
Ready to be delivered
Relief supply arrived in the morning
Thank you donors and funders for the food

7 thoughts on “Pakistan Flood Relief Update”

  1. Dear Hadi,
    though I don’t know the background of why any people would harass you with mocking either your grand adventure ride or your very positive humanitarian involvement, but please don’t let it divert your energy – carry on your noble mission. Just make sure to update this space regularly.
    We’re eagerly following your blogposts here in Hungary and quite a few ppl already want to join us/meet you when you get here – one day. Until then, all the best, wish you health and strength.
    Looking forward to hosting you in Budapest sometime this year 🙂

    Adam G


  2. go..go caiyok!! terharu tgk bro bersama jalur gemilang berada kat negara yang susah untuk membantu.. kat negara kita nie masyarakat masih tak sedar dan berbangga dengan semangat jalur gemilang. lai 6 hari nak merayakan sambutan merdeka tapi org2 yang mengibarkan jalur gemilang kat kenderaan leh dihitung ngan jari… syukur dapat berpijak di bumi malaysia.. pepun teruskan usaha bro!!


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