I’ve touched down at Tullamarine airport in Melbourne Australia on the 26th October 2015 around 1030 hrs. I’ve been forewarned on the hot weather this coming November but was surprised when I was welcome by a very cold windy morning. Luckily I had my jacket back from my UN days with me to keep me warm. It was about 13 Celsius , that’s how cold it was. Checkout line was fairly long but everything else was ok. Later, my arrival was welcome by two representatives from the Malaysian embassy Ms Yantie and Mr Anoor that help me to meet the Quarantine Officers for my bike cargo, settling all the necessary paperwork. Alas after much deliberation, the inspection can only be done the next day. Halfheartedly I had to leave my baby for the night 😥

Tune Room 1

Checking in time is at Tune Hotel, one of many hotels under the management of the Tune Group companies. Great Hotel, friendly staff and good services. Recommended place to stay if your flying here. Furthermore it’s just 30 km from the airport and 7 km from the Malaysian Embassy.  Being in the field of aviation before had always wanted to meet Mr Tony Fernandes, the man who made it possible for anybody to fly everywhere. Maybe after this we can fly together and I in turn can take him for rides ;).

Tune Room2

Tiredness has kicked in but I couldn’t be sleeping away the night. Had things to be done, cameras and Sharktooth to be assemble, preparing for the ride tomorrow, where I will meet back my white stallion.

The next day I was ready to pickup my ride and Alhamdulillah everything went on smoothly. It cost me around 350 aud, well the fee is pretty steep but I’m lucky that the bike pass the inspection, if not I can be charged more. So guys make sure your bike is clean (Thanks to my Iamalaysian Team mates) and well prep before sending it here cause the regulation are really tight. Thanks also to MAS Cargo that has provided the best service for the bike. It was neatly packed/wrap and with no damage, making the inspection process an easy one. Another recommended service by me.


Today for the first time I’m riding in Australia, land of the kangaroo. So far things are going great for me here, except for the fact that everything is super expensive, the rest is a Yo Go. Time to explore Melbourne; meeting the people especially Malaysian studying, working, etc here. Stay Tune! Ride On

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