8 thoughts on “Day 1- Kuala Lumpur to Hatyai (Video)”

  1. bykakn video…sy nk upload ke forum insyallah tok tatapan GTrians…….anyway..jgn lupe bawak moto elok2…



  2. bro tima kasih kena pilih vid dr juru ke gurun
    i enjoy ride with u
    take care bro

    semoga perjalanan anda sentiasa selamat


  3. BEST convoy with you from sri pentas, KL to malaysian thailand border

    now i know why u had to stretch ur camera upwards and sideways…. GOOD VIDEO
    nak kena copy and tag muka dalam fB nie…

    but i had a good time editing ur pics in my Nikon D300 side by side lagi…

    see you in BB

    take care!


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