Meeting Lee and Ple

Yesterday, Lee from HD Playground came to meet me with his brother, Ple. They knew about my being in Bangkok from Khairun Lamb via Facebook.  Lee and Ple ride Harley D and came all the way to meet me and Lil G. Now, that’s what I call a biking spirit!

Having dinner with Lee and Ple (Picture courtesy of HD Playground)

Lee or Nattapon Trinathy and his brother  Nattaboon Trinathy (Ple), are the men behind HD-Playground, the biggest Harley-Davidson community website in Thailand, a website that welcomes two-wheeled lovers with ALL brands of Motorcycles.

We had dinner and shared stories about riding. It was great to talk to them who share the same interest and passion for riding. So far, I only got to talk to the berry guud old man, my cargo agent, the hotel men who replaced the tv, the lady at the bike shop and the ticketing clerk, to name a few. Haha.

Lee and Ple invited me to a charity event that they organised on the June 5th but too bad that I cannot make it. Anyway, they presented me with surprise gifts: a t-shirt and two bandannas! Thank you Lee!

Check out my new tee!! (Picture courtesy of HD Playground)

Here are the details about HD Playground’s event:

  • Event: HD-Playground 5th Anniversary Charity Party for all motorcyclists
  • Date:  June 5th, 2010
  • Venue: Retro Live Café, Sirikit Convention Center
  • Time: from 7pm
  • Ticket price: 300 Baht with free drinks


  • Meet the legendary rock band Micro and Nui Amphon with the opening bands Rhashomon and Puzzle from Spicy Disc.
  • Charity Auction from country wide motorcycle shops donated parts and accessories to raise funds for Rom Yen Foundation without any deductions.
  • Donate 100 baht per number for Charity Lotto and win BIG Prize Harley-Davidson Sportster 883L year 2010 from T-Cycle. There are 6000 lotto numbers and will be donated to Rom Yen Foundation without any deductions.
  • For more information and to make donation, please call 02-320-0033 or visit

6 thoughts on “Meeting Lee and Ple”

  1. Siamese banyak yang friendly. Kat Malaysia? Try la park Lil G kat Hard Rock Cafe…. kena halau la nanti..

    (ayat orang yang pernah kena halau). hehehehe


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