26 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me in Nepal…”

  1. Bro Hadi, wow, u come accross the date of your birthday on your ride today. so I guess arrival of LilG crating around tomorrow, is like a birthday gift for you. LilG will said “happy belated one day birtday” to u. 😉 happy birthday 2u from us all.


  2. boy never cry,be a strong man.The real adventure will be return by tomorrow.wright bro hadi?hujan & panas tu dah jadi asam garam for biker yang berjiwa kental cam bro hadi ni.Perjuangan mu blom selesai…..(cam pernah dengar je ayat tu kan?hehehe)


  3. happy birthday….
    walaupun lmbt wish, tp xpe la…..
    anyway take care bro…..
    guruh berdentam dentum blkg tu…..
    1 lg cabaran akan dtg….


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