Sunset ride to Pokhara

Reached Pokhara; 260km and 6 hours backbreaking ride from Kathmandu.

Will post pictures of beautiful Pokhara tomorrow. Right now I am camping here at Pokhara Peak. Goodnight people!

If you can’t view this high-quality video, you can view the low quality version HERE

13 thoughts on “Sunset ride to Pokhara”

  1. starting dia punya background music mmg dasat…hahaha…mmg best laa jln dia…buat hati ini tertarik….good luck bro…


  2. Seems so peaceful.. I really liked the scene from 3:30 onwards. When you took the corner and then greeted by the awesome sight of the mountain at sunset.. and the bridge. perghh.. what’s on your mind during the ride bro?


  3. hi bro,Its me again from Just couldnt help wondering how you manage time? Editing pictures, movies, upload into the blog and also to youtube. Man, that surely take some of your precious time on the road.

    And Camping?.. do you really putting up that particular night at Pokhara Peak?.. must be freezing at night?

    Carry on, we will keep tab.



    1. Salam Abg Acid, biar saya tolong jawabkan beberapa soalan abg tu…how does he manage the time? Well…myself and another admin helps Hadi to upload the vid & pics as well..but the editing is done by Hadi himself..yang lain tu saya biarkan Bro Hadi sendiri jawab lah…thank u for supporting the program Abg Acid…salam


    2. well bro.
      this is how it goes.
      from preparing the ride,equipment,logistic.clearance,visa,taking pic,vid,preparing equipment,charging them all,upload to laptop,edit the pic,edit the vids,upload them to u tube n ftp to my webmaster n harris.
      hows that?
      this is not like LWR or what ever.
      they hv few cars coming along with them loaded with equipment n do all those for them.
      all they do is ride n the rest is taken care.
      i hv to plan my ride,my stop for fuel,sleep.
      n then do all this.
      i know…..
      not bragging.
      but its taking lots of time n effort.
      that camping thing?
      its not that freezing
      it was about 14c.
      not bad lah.
      will try n upload d vid n pic soon.
      then u tell me


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