Camping at Sarangkot, Pokhara, Nepal

11th May 2010

The camping at Sarangkot, Pokhara was a great one! The view was breathtaking and took away my backpain, from the grueling 6 hours ride, almost instantly.

From up here, I could see the city of Pokhara and its lake on the north-western outskirts of the city.

For your information, Sarangkot is located on a mountainside ridge at an altitude of 1600m with panoramic Himalayan views.

Lucky for me, I  got to meet German traveler couple, Barbara and Uwe, who camped besides me.

Uwe and barbara posing with their Toyota pick-up truck home

They have traveled the world including Malaysia in that pick-up truck. They are still traveling and have a website called Starseite.

Lil G looking golden amidst sunrise over the Himalayan

Locals – they were watching me watching them

If you are ever in Nepal…Sarangkot is a must-see place. View more of my pictures and you will know why. Enjoy!

Here’s a video:

23 thoughts on “Camping at Sarangkot, Pokhara, Nepal”

  1. marvellous & amazing that I can said for the fascinating view at Sarangkot,Pokhara.I give 5 star…..have a good trip & ride safely.


  2. Wow Hadi! It’s really Breathtaking!!! Any pain would go away just by looking at that view! So worth it! Thanks for sharing it!


  3. Salam bro..,

    saya morpheuzneo, salah sorang dari rakan MBC, yg mengikuti perkembangan perjalanan anda. Kami semua mendoakan keselamatan anda.. sepanjang perjalanan!

    View sangat cantik ! subhanallah.. best betul tgk Banjaran Annapurna dalam gambar ni.

    Pakai kamera apa bro? berapa SD card bawak utk rekod video dan gambar?

    bagaimana pula isu charge kamera, hp, laptop? power supply sana sama rate/ plug nya?

    mungkin boleh snap sikit gambar anda makan.., suasana kedai makan di sana., orang2 di sana.. , suasana dlm khemah.. dan apa saja gambar yg berkaitan dgn perjalanan anda.

    Salam dari malaysia.


    1. Thanks bro.
      all question ni dah terjawap dah.
      gambar dan vid semua transfferred to laptop to edit.
      camera SLR ada pakai jugak.
      no issue in charging laptop n the rest.
      always keep ur gadjet batt full before the next ride.
      if not susah la
      but my bike ada external power supply just in case.
      pictures of the rest will be uploaded soon.


  4. Fantastic place to camp!… How do you feel bro?.. being there alone?..(actually you got a whole bunch of Malaysians with you at heart and a small group of Singaporeans too!)


  5. salam,
    Gambar dan video yang anda paparkan sunguh menarik ,Alhamdulillah semoga allah bersama anda menjayakan harapan dan impian..


  6. Macamana I can missed this post!!

    Fantastic video Blog, Luv the commentary, the view, the effect… and of course you bro… The rider, cameraman and comic…
    Safe Journey!


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