Goodbye New Delhi

I am extending my biggest gratitude to Captain Vivek Sharma and Ankit Sharma for making my stay in New Delhi a very comfortable one. Thank you for the lovely stay, thank you for the kind assistance and most of all thank you for treating me like a brother.

I am now heading north to Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India. The distance from New Delhi to Manali is 585 km about 14 hours ride. Pray for my safe ride.

Please bear in mind that I won’t be able to upload pictures from my camera just yet. Tried in Agra but PCs at the cybercafe were all infected with virus. I could not afford to lose pictures, will try to find a more descent cybercafe with anti-virus protection.

Till next posting, khodahafez.

9 thoughts on “Goodbye New Delhi”

  1. bro, beware.. virus tu takot karang abes pic.
    nyway semoga selamat dalam perjalanan

    New Delhi to Manali. did u stop somewhere?


  2. to capt. vivek sharma and ankit sharma, a thousand thanx from all of us here in Malaysia as well,
    it’s good to know we have friends on the other part of the world.

    to bro hadi, keep your head up, move on, let’s us worry about ur leNOvo…

    ride safe bro…..


  3. Captain Vivek Sharma and Ankit Sharma, many thanks for your hospitality! Bro Hadi is truly lucky to have met you!
    Din (Singapore)


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