Chilly dilly in stormy Manali

Hello all.

Hope you guys enjoy the pictures previously. Took me like 5 and a half hours trying to upload pictures from a local cybercafe. Consumed whole day meal budget for that.

Anyway, back to the ride stories. Riding from Bilaspur to Manali was all the way uphill. At 2100 meter above sea level, Manali view is superb, not to mention how cool weather. From 48°c down to 28°c in the afternoon, it’s a blessing! 200km uphill ride was not a battle for lil G and we had only one stop for fuel.  I plan to put up a night here. Need good shower and good rest for both of us and see what this small town has to offer us.

To me, this town seems like a getaway place for the local to escape the heat of other cities. Roads were jam-packed with locals, not to mention the honking and blaring sound from rickshaw.

Got ourselves a place, with G parked outside. After freshening up myself with hot shower, I went to the cybercafe as I need to get pictures transferred to my server and empty all my memory cards and send home some. Never thought that it would take this long. Were they any good? Am not really a professional but I hope you guys like them. Didn’t recorded any videos since the laptop crashed. Couldn’t think of a way how am I going to edit and transfer it home. Will start talking to the camera again from here.

Done with the transfer and uploading, I went to hunt for food, been suppressing myself for 5½ hours.  Since the place I’m staying is filled with tourist, food is abundance, loads of it. There’s German food, Lebanese, Chinese, Italian, you name it, they have it here. That’s what the wall and menu said, can’t guarantee you the taste though…hahaha.

I am hungry for rice, I mean good rice, fried or anything. Since I have used up my meal budget for internet, couldn’t really go for lavish food. I’ve had too much of Indian food for the past 2weeks, so I tried Chinese fried rice. It comes in a bowl. Looks like a Chinese bowl but not the rice. It doesn’t taste like Chinese cooking at all but what the heck, I was so hungry. Hey, this is India. Had another masala tea to clear the taste.

Went back to the hotel, trying to get some sleep. Funny thing is, trying to fall asleep in different places on different bed every night is not an easy task. There are times that I didn’t even feel that there was even a mattress under the sheet and there are times that I felt like that they haven’t change the sheet for a very long time. Hey, when you are traveling on low budget like this, complaining is the least you can do.

Awaken in the middle of the night by the sound of people yelling and shouting. Not once or twice but few times. There were sounds of drunk people talking loudly, dogs howling, barking, fighting and god knows what else. It went on until 4 am. Couldn’t really rest and sleep. Have to move out and find another place tomorrow.

Sunrise at about 5 and I was already outside. Places seems still closed. Hang around till about 7am and went out for a breakfast. Prahta and tea to start off my day. Went roaming around the small town after that for good 30 minutes. Went and ask around when will the road to LEH be opened. Locals said in few days time and they are sitting and waiting too. Was told there is an avalanche up there, roads are still being cleared. I have to wait too I guess. In the mean time, I went hunting for a quieter (as well as cheap) place for tonight.
Found one. Uphill baout 5km away from Manali. Not bad. G is right outside my window. Common bathroom, that’s ok with that.

Got some good pictures to share with u guys of Manali. This is me and G enjoying the sight and smell of the snowcap.

Breathtaking view! It was worth it for me and lil G!

Old Manali

Planning to ride up to Rohtang Pass at sunrise tomorrow. Need to prepare lil G and fill her up. It’s going to be just a short trip; about 120km away, people say it’s worth it.

While I was sitting here writing this, storm came in; a very short and quick one. Locals told me it’s not good to ride when it stormed up there in the mountains. Yep, I know that. They told me it’s gonna get really cold and snow muddy up there. guys think Lil G is up for this?

Fire at will.

21 thoughts on “Chilly dilly in stormy Manali”

  1. Nice pics Bro ….. terasa rindu la pulak kat Taj Mahal tu! Entah bila la nak pi lagi. How’s Lil G doing so far Bro? I hope she’s still in perfect condition. Safe ride Bro ….


  2. nice Pics. nyway try to resize ur pic. mgkn masa untuk upload boleh dikurangkan. kadang2 line slow so just resize pic to get smaller size without damaging the picture the upload.

    bro, duit untuk tenet leh guna untuk makan. 🙂 makan tu lagi penting


    1. nak resize kat mana bro? we’re short of laptop. kalau kat cc, lagi panjang masanya nak edit, might as well shoot the raw ones.


      1. kalu cc kat sana pakai os XP/vista/7 plus ms office 2003 & above insyaAllah xda masalah…at least mesti ada MOPM (Microsoft Office Picture Manager) yg boleh resize multiple picture secara serentak, resize tu wat la resolusi yg sesuai untuk paparan web wat sementara…sampaikan pada hadi so maybe boleh membantu proses upload nnt…lagi satu, kalu memori kad dah penuh try burn yg raw image dlm disc jenis cd r/w atau dvd r/w…kalu yg dvd tu sure kapasiti besar so time burn nnt jgn finalize burning tu, next time kalu masih ada space boleh continue/add lagi content dlm dvd…


  3. Bro, your health and safety comes first, and I agree with Alip, food is more important! You could upload the pictures when there’s better opportunity. You are going to need the energy, eat well and stay healthy. You still got a long way to go! Just use your BB to update us with the stories if your journey. I do enjoy the pictures though… Use your instinct, Eat well, Ride safe, Stay healthy… All the best on the next leg of the journey!


    1. agreed with you on the BB but pictures are very important for hadi to record his own history, hence the need to upload pictures and emptying his camera’s card.

      as for the budget, everybody can help chip-in fund for his meal even RM10 pun it helps.


  4. huhuhu… so touching.. to see a malaysian and a malaysian bike.. yer lah.. GT .. up there.. in a very breathtaking view.. huhuhu …

    guys.. if you really concern for bro had, why don’t try support this project.. buy the Iaamalaysian T’shirt.. okeh.. everyone.. come .. come … this evening… at Old Town White Coffee, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur. .. erk.. free promotion lak… (^ ^)


      1. tak ramai..yg pre order sahaja yang datang awal, bikers YKS lain semua lambat sampai..tu pun tak ramai malam tadi..


  5. Huh lil G nak tempoh cuaca sejuk… ni le mase nyer nak tengok amacam Lil G tempoh sejuk… barape temp hmmm injen mungkin x ade masalah kut… yg jadi masalah nanti minyak injen leeee.

    Silap2 mingak brek dot 3 pun beku.

    Heheheh experiment2 bro.

    (aku budak mentah x tahu ape2)


  6. yup bro, try la kongsi about lil G condition masa tempuh cuasa sejuk. performance and macam2 lagi.

    ye la nak harap kitorang pnye GT stakat genting dgn cameron tu sejuk mana sangat. 🙂


  7. I really like the scenery!… Bike and rider still in tip top shape despite harsh fluctuating temperature! Keep it up!


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