More Manali pictures

More pictures on Manali. Enjoy!


17 thoughts on “More Manali pictures”

  1. Fuyoh… Sungguh MAGNIFICENT the view!
    First pic, road sign made me laugh!!
    -Bila Spur (Macam “orang S’pore”)Mandi?… Hahaha!
    Thanks for the uplaod bro… Ride Safe!


  2. syukur alhamdulillah…
    teruskan usaha sehingga menjadi bukti kebolehan Anak malaysia..
    didoakan sukses berterusan..
    ride on ride save ride with attitude..



  3. Lain macam je senyuman tu bro,cam confius je.ada makna tu…setakat ni bro puas hati takdgn xpdc ni?pastinya berbaloi-baloi….


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