Here I am, having my chai…wondering hard.

Tried just now to upload my pictures and some small videos via BB but failed. Went to a cybercafe and the moment I plugged in the memory card…it went BAM!!!!! Something appeared on the screen with funny signs. Called the owner of the CC and he said that all PCs have been infected by virus.


He said sorry and told me, “you can only surf, no external drive”.

Walked around to find another CC but it was still the same. Went back to my room and plugged in the card back into the camera. And it’s not detecting at all!

3 days of pictures on d road, 16gb HD memory card. ALL GONE.



Don’t tell me to format the card again and try to put it on another camera ‘coz I have tried all the methods that I can think of. And I don’t have another camera to test and plug it in. Try using other people’s laptop? You gotta be kidding. No one would ever let you plug in your card to their laptop knowing it’s infested with virus.

Now what? Guess, THAT’S IT, guys. I don’t need your sympathy and you don’t have to be sorry for what had happened. Not your fault. Well, I can’t be going around with 2 laptop with me rite? Just to be sure that I have a backup.

Till dunno when. Signing off till I get my laptop back, only God knows.

Khoda Hafez.

p/s I’ll upload the story i wrote before this one in a moment.

17 thoughts on “THAT IS IT”

  1. salam bro..

    don’t panic. even if all the files corrupted, u still can recover the photo even though the card already formatted by using “Recover My Photos” software.


  2. Ouch! …
    Awaiting next story update via your BB! Salam bro..
    Take care and stay healthy (both mind and body)!


  3. damn virus!looks like you don’t have any choice unless you have pendrive or portable hard disk for back up.I think for temporary better don’t use CC to uploaded picture,enough update story by your BB.


  4. bro, jgn buang atau format memory card tu…simpan dulu, bila dah dpt pc yg cun atau jumpa pakar kat mana2 nnt try recover balik…insyaAllah boleh dpt balik tu…wish i can help you with that la bro…


    1. mutanic, thanks for the tips! will inform hadi about it!

      i am having the same problem like hadi only that my problem is bigger, my hard disk crashed! after resolving to solution from internet, i downloaded software from now masih tengah dok recover files lagi. so far 1010 files out of 43399 dan unreadable blocks banyak gila!


      1. sorry interrupt sikit,hard disk tu untuk portable ke internal?from my experience pernah dulu pakai external hard disk WD.sekali terjatuh daripada meja tulis ke atas karpet.akibatnya semua data dlm tu totally lost.Bila bawa gi kedai cuma dapat ganti baru je,all data not recover.Pengajarannya jgn bagi jatuh/terhentak coz ianya sgt2 sensitif.


    1. where u can find a hotspot?
      not all places and not that easy to upload big size pic.
      where lah to find camera with wifi capability here now?


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