Wet Srinagar

Udhampur to Srinagar

An early ride; by 8am was already on the road heading north. Breakfast at road side stall facing the dam somewhere along the way.

Lil G enjoying the view of Srinagar

Two hours of riding, managed to get 60km. Phew.

From hot sunny Jammu slowly it gets cooler. Riding was hard, road was filled with trucks and it really slowed me down. Tough for Lil G to overtake trail of long trucks uphill but she managed anyway.

Too  fuel-stop for Lil G and and chai for me on the way to Srinagar. We were greeted with rain and thunderstorms. After 8hrs of riding her, aint that nice. You can really feel the drop of temperature.

From 40c it goes down to 15c and gets to 10c at night, my body was trying hard to adapt. See how it goes.

Srinagar is a local tourist spot. Didn’t see many foreigners here but mostly locals comes here for holiday. There is a big lake in the city and floating hotel surrounding it. More like venice of Kashmir to me.

boathouses everywhere

Srinagar’s lakehouses

Kinda cool to sleep in a boat hotel but then again Lil G would be far out of sight. A no no for me.

Rain stopped and temperature dropped. Tomorrow will be a rest day for me and Lil G. Some errands to run and she needs some minor maintenance before hitting the snow and cold temp.

Owh….people up here in Jammu-Kashmir state use ‘Khoda Hafez’ too.

Khoda Hafez. God Bless.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures. Selected bigger pictures in My Gallery.

Venice of India

Row of buildings at Srinagar

streets of Srinagar

street bazaar in Srinagar

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  2. Salam. I happenned to to know of your feat after reading this morning Utusan Malaysia, with your picture at 18000 feet. I salute your will power and resourcefullness. Share your unfortunate problems with lenovo. I wonder why no politicians doesnot share yuor ideals. Goodluck and I pray a safe and successful journey to London. Bravo. Hj Ahmad, pakmat55@yahoo.com


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