Islamabad to Dera Ismail Khan ride

22 June 2010

It was early morning when I started my ride. Went to a local police station to get confirmation for the possibility to ride across the Kohat tunnel.  They gave me a go.

lonely road to south

camel bites and loves to spit…so stay away..

Was stopped halfway by the highway police, asking me for my papers. They wanted to see a permit to ride on the highway.

“Huh? What permit?” I asked them.

They told me that I need a special government permit to ride on the toll highway. A cup of chai with the highway polices and I was escorted out on the next exit. They showed me the normal road to Penshawar.

entering Penshawar

This is the land of hospitality. Anywhere u go, don’t ever be surprised that the local will offer you some drink and food. Even at road blocks along the way they will offer you a seat. It was sign language all the time but I really felt their sincerity. They are nice people.

Kohat tunnel was a short tunnel; about 2 km long. It was a joint-venture project between the government of  Japanese and Pakistan. It is located right at the edge of the Taliban area. As I reached there, I guess there was some communication lost along the way that they stopped me and I was not allowed to ride through. No motorbikes allowed in the tunnel. They said it is dangerous.

getting close to Kohat tunnel

It has been almost 6 hours ride. They ask me to turn back and take another road from Islamabad. That is as good as a day lost. Tried to talk over it and they radioed here and there. 2 hours waited and finally a guy offered me to put the bike on his truck. My day was saved.

Lil G getting a ride on a pick up truck entering the tunnel

Pakistan’s signature truck

Spent few more hours on the road before reaching Dera Ismail Khan in the dark…

17 thoughts on “Islamabad to Dera Ismail Khan ride”

  1. ada jalan ke karak ek.. 🙂
    tp kalau tgk dalam internet kan
    orang2 pakistan ke india ke dowang ni bijak dan kreatif
    dalam menggunakan sepenuhnya kenderaan dowang

    bawak lebih muatan dan bawak menda pelik2.
    tp nice view ape. bukan senang nak jumpa


  2. Terharu mendengar cerita hopitality mereka. Alangkah baiknya kalau di negara kita,malaysian pun macm tu jugak. Cuma MAS jer yang guna MH-Malaysian Hospitality.Harapan kita agar semua Malaysian begitu juga termasuk kita. Selamat bro…Hujan emas negara orang,hujan batu negara sendiri.. Adios..


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