Finally.The Laptop has arrived

Hi all.

Short note.

Finally the laptop that we have been waiting since Santa Clause time,existence of mankind,evolution of human development,man set foot on moon,education system created,Alexander Graham bell invented 2 phones(how to talk with just 1),migration of nasi kandar and mamak stall to Malaysia.

Lenovo Malaysia finally manage to send the laptop to Tehran and it arrived there.

I am already in Turkey.Weeks of waiting,tons of mail back and forth.

Finally they decided to send it to Tehran while i was already on the way to the next land.

Malaysia Boleh lah…..

an F1 sponsor with F9 Malaysian counterparts.

20 thoughts on “Finally.The Laptop has arrived”

  1. and very will, nice edited pictures and video along the way.

    enjoy your time in turkey. not so far from england. no need to rush anyway.


  2. know what. ‘lah’ word tu macam Oh God!! kenapa!!
    haha nyway thanks god la u manage to get ur so called lenovo laptop tu.
    hope dpt la memudahkan urusan bro


  3. hehe!
    to Lenovo Malaysia: good job!
    I’ll definitely get my laptop from your company! not only me, but all my friends!


  4. owh lenovo….
    when are you guys gonna buckle up… much for international company….
    sunny…are you reading this…..if yess please respond here

    btw to hadi, keep it up man, keep riding, keep us posted,
    all our prayers with u….

    p/s: nanti agak2 sampey london winter ker autumm a?


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