Bam revisited

I am updating previous journey in between the current ones for my own record, so, don’t be too confused. Haha.

25th June 2010

Well… there I was in the city of Bam, Iran. After a long ride from the border. It was really a tiring one. 18 hrs on the road with no food, toilet and just a bottle of water under the heat. It was not secured at all; just worst having them police around to protect you.

I was here in Bam years ago. Served the Bam earthquake. It was a great experience. From my heart I can tell you Iranian people are really nice. The further north u head to the better it gets. Tthey would invite you to their house for a cup of tea and invite you to stay with them for few days as well.

This is Iran. Only in Iran. Revisited.

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