Ride To Nowhere-Edited and updated.

Thats what the remarks by Ekspedisi Merdeka 1Malaysia on their FB and Blog about my ride.

Why invidia?

Khoda Hafez


Dear friends, readers, followers, bikers, drivers, cyclists and not to forget those who are on public transport. When I started this ride, never come across my mind to compete nor to fight or degrade other bikers or  overlanders. Overlanders or adventure riders; term we use for travellers on bikes or car or bicycle travelling over the land of mother earth. Those who are travelling on their own,with minimal support nor any gov support.

I choose to use the slogan, tagline, term Iamalaysian/iamalaysian.com for a reason. A reason of my own. When people ask me anywhere on earth along the way of my ride, I will be proud to say and tell them I am Malaysian. It is not about my political believe, religion, race, color, just iamalaysian. Proud to be a citizen of a peace and harmony country where people from different religion, race, colors, believe and political background can live in one small and developed nation.

If others choose to degrade, look down, make bad remarks, calling name and what ever there to others with hidden intention, then just let them be.

Big bikes, small bikes. Hey, I ride big bike too back home and some of the readers here ride big and small bikes too. Most of you guys have both or some even have more than 2.

If they call themselves overlanders, adventure riders and look down at others because they have the prime minister support letter and instructions to all Malaysian mission and embassy abroad to give them full support along their ride, that’s good for them. Good job done.

With sponsors stickers almost everywhere on the bikes and on their t shirt, they have done a god job in finding them and making use of the support letter that they got. So let them be. No harm to me or you guys. They have the network and support and making full use of it. With a mechanic, police and journalist in the team, bikes loaded with spares and tools that you could overhaul the bikes anywhere on mother earth. What else could you ask for?

Rhey choose to ride the sponsored big bikes with a limited time and not enjoying the ride and beautiful places along the way, sleeping in a hotel almost all the nights. We can’t question them who funds them or who is paying their bills or give them remarks rite? It’s their ride and their event. It’s a ride of a lifetime for them and so do i.

I don’t want to pick a fight with anyone, any rider, bikers, overlanders. I am just a Malaysian riding a small capacity Malaysian-made bike from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to London. It might take me 4 months, may be 6 month or maybe more. It’s my choice, my ride and my journey and I am sharing it with you all. You have the right to not read this blog at all. It’s your choice to read. But like it or not, this blog updates about my journey sometimes comes with good, bad, silly, witty, pics n videos  and bad grammar errors  too. And sometimes really late update due to not having my LENOVO laptop with me.

Take it easy guys, enjoy the ride, moment while it last.

You wont get the same ride or moment anymore.

Even 5 mins later.

Khoda Hafez

58 thoughts on “Ride To Nowhere-Edited and updated.”

  1. Imagine arriving in London in front of them on the SAME day they arrive..wont that be a blow to every sponsor and politician backing them up?


  2. Mat-mat motor besar jenama antarabangsa ni dah selalu jumpa ekspedisi merata-rata…secara berkumpulan plak tu…

    Tapi orang naik motor solo jenama Malaysia, sambil ekspedisi sambil promote jenama Malaysia…not an everyday scene…

    Politician?Tak yah peduli depa la…we’ve seen their judgement so far…

    All the best to you Hadi…

    p/s: Still remember me?


  3. you are more “anak jantan” than them. only such a coward travel in group. I am so proud of what you are doing right now bro hadi!


  4. salam…
    1st of all selamat berpuasa di negeri orang….

    well just let them say what they want….coz it’s not the destination that matters..it’s the journey…
    the experience you’ve collected along the ways….
    without much politics etc….

    they reach 1st or u doesn’t matter….

    safe ride bro


  5. Every ride to and thru foreign lands by any biker from Msia or elsewhere in the world should be given the same respect, regardless single or in a group. Like antusiang says.. “it’s the journey”. It’s the beauty of watching the sunrise and sunset each day, and every moment in between then.
    No matter… i wish ALL bikers safe journey wherever they may be, and wherever their destination. Stay safe Hadi.
    As usual, well wishes from hubby & me in sunny California.


  6. Bang, diaorang jealous tu sebab abang rilek je travel sendiri dengan motor Lil’ G with GUT. Diaorang kena travel satu group… Keep it up the good bang, am so proud of you!


  7. Dalam setiap tindakan kita pasti ada yang memandang rendah dan sinis. Biarkan mereka. Tambah busuk lagi bila ada unsur-unsur “politicking”.. Saya dah terkena dah.. Tapi bak kata pepatah HE WHO LAUGHS LAST, LOUGHS THE LOUDEST.. Teruskan usaha Bro Hadi.. Ramai lagi yang menyokong usaha sdr..


  8. Totally in agreement with your comments Hadi. If you choose to ride to nowhere it is your choice! If you choose to take months it is still your choice too!
    So don’t be upset with the comments by XPC1, just let it be.


  9. Kalau wa nak buat fund raising utk anak yatim, wa akan ride pusing semenanjung Malaysia je pun dah cukup. Dapat jimat kos. Daripada guna duit tu utk beli minyak yg sampai rm9 seliter dan bayar duit hotel yg mahal2, bayar carnet utk 1 group big bike, baik wa guna duit tu utk bagi kat anak2 yatim. Ingat murah nak sampai London satu group? Kot iye pun nak dapatkan sponsor koporat & politik jgnla sampai guna anak2 yatim. Kena sumpah dek anak2 yatim nanti baru tahu. ishh agak2la kan..


    1. wa sokong lu beb… silap2 bagi kat anak2 yatim tu 2-3 beg beras jer.. yang lain xsampai2.. cam fund untuk tsunami dulu.. lesap..


  10. it your ride bro… and thank you for sharing along the way…
    others is nothing…dont bother.. just make it on your own… im proud of you,,,,


  11. Salam,
    Bro, tak payah layan sangat… Hang dah buat yang terbaik, aku dulu pun pernah gak buat tapi tak habis… Semuanya politik, bila aku cuba dedahkan, depa duk tutup cerita laaaa… Depa buruk kan nama aku… Tapi la ni, orang pun tau depa buruk… Lantak pi la bro… Bila hang balik Malaysia, aku teringin nak jumpa hang… Hang kalau nak tau aku yang mana, hang search aku myhazman, aku dah add hang, mungkin hang tak perasan sebab hang ramai peminat skang… By the way, elok2 bro, bulan puasa ni dugaan banyak… Aku doakan untuk hang dan lil’ G…


  12. Your time. Your ride Bro. Doesn’t matter what others think. You are the REAL Explorer/Overlander/Adventurer. I love ‘ride to nowhere’ and find directions using the principle – ‘I think this way’. So far it’s taken me places.
    You have taken your followers through your adventure…Ride on.


  13. Bro. Hadi…aku dah buat program Metal Butt (1000miles in 24hours)….ride without any official sponsor lagi memberi erti yg mendalam bagi seluruh riders di malaysia..so far, Metal Butt telah mendapat pengiktirafan dari Iron Butt Association…you got your own NICHE…”SMALL BUT FAR”MISSION…..Let world knows where is MALAYSIA…Bon Voyage..


  14. xpe bro.. dugaan bln pose jer tuu…
    biarkan ajer lunchai terjun dgn labu2 nye..
    diorg habiskan duit rakyat jer..
    kalu pakai duit sendiri mmg x jd ape ler..


  15. hahaha.
    nevermind bro.the most important thing you’ve gone through all the journey by yourself.

    maybe you can get datukship after this.who knows?


  16. Teruskan usaha anda. Geng mana yang sampai London dulu,bukannya dapat pingat atau piala. Jangan patah semangat. Kayuhhh!!!!!….


  17. salaam,

    pedulikan mereka bro. you have your own target and vision, and they have theirs. to each his own.
    you have the luxury of time and freedom on your side. they don’t. they need to follow schedules and what nots. you have the luxury of sleeping under the stars, now who doesn’t like to sleep under the stars, seeing His creation, thinking how small and insignificant we are on His earth.

    Anyway, may Allah swt protects you from unwanted things along the way until you reach your goal.
    Not many people have the guts to do what you have achieved so far. the hell with corporate sponsors. they are all sharks, waiting for opportunity for their benefit. be happy with what you have.

    Do not forget to say thanks to Him each morning you open your eyes in a new place. not many people have the luxury of that. Syukur that you are still able to write your experience, able to have breakfast with a stranger.

    Till then, do not forget to sujud to him everyday and say syukur to Him.



  18. Jgn patah semangat bro. Saya silent reader yg mengikuti pengembaraan saudara. Semangat ‘motorcycle diaries’ perlu diteruskan.. Aminnn..


  19. bro,

    they have politicians and sponsors to back them up… no worries, as you have malaysians to back you up bro!!

    our prayers is with you.


  20. hey bro congrats on what u doing now…keep it up! why care/border bout others who dont really care (opportunist). i’ve done my travel from big to small bike and met many bikers all over the world. the beauty part is some of them on a big bikes and some of them on a small moped, but then again the machine is not the issue – is the spirit we carry. For me if they really bikers the brotherhood no distance. As for your journey dont look back go for your goal that u already set. I on behalf of ADVRIDER (advrider.com) support u all the way….


  21. well, the point is its the journey itself which matters to you brother hadi. whereas all they care about is the destination and publicity! let them be! you are a naturally born winner! no matter who is the opponent 🙂


  22. Apa kata kita ramai ramai sokong bro hadi kita dengan beli t-shirt IAMALAYSIAN ? Kalau kita ramai ramai pakai baju IAMALAYSIAN hari hari promote, disamping dapat promote Bro Hadi dan usaha dia, dapat gak kita bantu dia..biaq pi lah dgn org lain…tak guna berkokok kalau kita tak bantu…saya dah beli t-shirt, anda bagaimana??


  23. please call 0199907296 (hazz) (harris) (julie)… boleh jumpa di oltown YKS on saturday nite 9pm….
    confirm by sms with size, name and hp number….


  24. Bagi aku Hadi real explore real adventure.. Expedesi 1Malaysia cuma rombongan cik kiah cara baru.. xda apa nak d banggakan.. guna nama anak yatim just menipu.. korang baca dlm http://www.advrider.com memang ramai solo rider merata dunia yang mengembara explore world.. tidak kira apa depa tonggang.. motor besar kecik dan basikal amik masa bertahun tahun mengembara.. “Nathan and Mod cuma naik motor 110cc s/hand dari Australia ke London” “3 x KTM GO EAST kisah kembara lasak” hah korang baca lah sendiri.. reality nya xda cerita rombongan cik kiah naik motor ramai-ramai p mengembara.. tahniah hadi..


    1. bro…agak kasar bahasanya kalau berkata mereka ni menipu.
      berilah mereka peluang untuk bersuara dan berkongsi tentang pengalaman mereka riding sampai london.
      mana tau,kutipan lebih tinggi dari belanja keseluruhan.
      nak jugak tau berapa belanja dan berapa cost riding group besar mcm tu.
      dan berapa ank yatim dapat.


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