Finally the laptop has arrived…in Malaysia


I got an e mail from Lenovo, they sad the laptop has arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I have been in Pakistan twice actually along this trip and i wrote here that the laptop has arrived almost 2 months from India back to Malaysia.

The laptop is still not in my hand, it’s somewhere out there…

I keep on sending them e mail asking them to send it to Greece. They never responded/replied to my mail.

Today Malaysia is 53 years old. Merdeka dan bebas.

Are you? Are you Malaysian with that attitude?

F9 Lenovo?

ps: Do you really trust this brand now after what had happen? do you think this ppl are doing a good job? Or doing their job at all? Would you recommend this brand to anyone you know? I would really love to know.

Khoda Hafez

4 thoughts on “Finally the laptop has arrived…in Malaysia”

  1. Lolz….although I am not a Malaysian but I can imagine the agony Lenovo put you thorough.
    Bottom line I wouldn’t want to go through the same experience therefore….
    “NO LENOVO”…..


  2. I hv never trusted the brand right from the time they started years and years ago (when i lived in Taiwan & they already had a bad reputation even back then), and i still don’t until now, especially with such confirmation from your end. They hv a lot of fixing to do on their reputation. It takes a long time to build it and just one stupid move on their part to ruin it all. Good luck to them.


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