Khoda Khay Liye

Dear all,

I guess it’s time for me to move on with my ride now. By the time you read this, I am on the flight heading back to  Athens, Greece.

Special thanks to Pakistan people for accepting and allowing us Malaysians to come and give them a hand during their hard times, to share our iftar, sahur, food, shelter and love.

I am glad and grateful to be able to work with United Pakistan.org team and volunteers. They have been working hard day and night to make this happen. They are great people with big heart. Thanks for all the trust, support, help, bed, shower, internet access, coffee, tea and you name it. Such a great honour and a blessing to be on board of United Pakistan’s team.

BIG THANK YOU to all donors for trusting me to deliver on their behalf, be it niat, Zakat, derma, donation, fidyah, etc. Thank you to (not in alphabetical order nor amount): Faridah, Amir, Imran, Nurbani, Mustaqim, Maisarah, Sharon, Hass, Herman, Alif, Daniel and those who prefer and requested not to be mentioned.

Thanks to the support team back home, my webmaster, my team mates and those who were there for me.

God bless you all, always.

Khoda hafez

On duty and documenting

8 thoughts on “Jazakallah”

  1. Im glad the work is over. although i cannot go to Pakistan by myself, but having you there bro hadi on my behalf is good enough. All human are brothers.

    i wanna be like you in the future. peace to the world!


  2. kita cuba mana yg termampu untuk membantu mereka
    siapa tahu esok lusa hari kita.
    bukan selalu kita yg membantu, kadang2 kita yg perlu dibantu.


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