“If you come here to have a quiet place to rest and holiday..then you are at the wrong place.”

That was what the mayor said as Aron Hawker, the Owner of Bodrum Backpackers told me right at the tip of Turkey that connects to all those beautiful island of Greece. The temperature was hitting 48c during the day and 40c in the evening. With the hot breeze of the sea… I didn’t go out much to explore. As what I was told by the locals, during the day the town is quiet and sunny, in the evening it’s alive and yes indeed it’s a party town. With clubs along the beach playing all kinda of music till early morning.

I stayed at Bodrum Backpackers place run by an Englishman, really a cool guy and full of ideas. I only go out in the evening and rest during the day. Trying to recharge myself before hitting Greece. Then I got a call to serve in Pakistan. Had to ride back to Ankara to get my visa and then headed to Greece soonest to park my bike.

Not much pictures of Bodrum. Sorry guys.  Traveled to Greece from Bodrum by Ferry, caught the 830am Ferry to Kos island and later the night ferry to Athens.

Cheap ticket means that i get no comfy seat for the 10 hours ferry ride.

Ferries dock in Athens at 6 am…

Bodrum Backpackers...I slept on the rooftop in the open.
Bodrum at night
Sunset at Bodrum Bay
one of the landmark on Bodrum
Night Bazaar...Shop till you drop
Is that my ferry?...Yeaaaa
Sorry Lil are cruising on this one
Me frustrated too...hahahha
Little bit of Kos island
A little bit here
Is that our ride to Greece? high hope
Looks like it lil G
She is safe and sound in the belly of the ferry
Titanic? err....
ok! now where do we go? its not even sunrise yet

8 thoughts on “Bodrum”

  1. selamat hari raya bro hadi.

    been a while since the last time i visited your page. good to know now you’re back on your journey. have a safe ride! 😉

    p/s: nice view 😀


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