Lots of S came to my mind when i think about Santorini. Lil S and Big S. Sun, Sand, Sea, Sight and sinus that is getting worst. Not to forget spending

I have been suffering from my sinus since I came back from Pakistan. It will for sure take a long time to heal. I am the type that hardly fall sick, but when I do, I will take time to heal. Sinus doesn’t goes away in just one dose of medication or in a day. Will be tough to ride in the cold and rain up north if I am suffering from this. I guess I need to stay somewhere a bit cheap and sunny for a good rest. Bike is prepared and all set to go. Parked and safe.

A trip to Greece won’t be complete if you don’t visit at least one of the islands. So I was told to visit this island as this is where all those postcard pictures came from; Santorini. Ferry takes about 9 hours to get there. it was a relax ride.

I let the pictures tells the story.

and i met Lil G half brother from diff mother...hahaha.with a same number

20 thoughts on “Santorini”

  1. wow…superb photos…bestnya dapat sampai greece….wah Lil G terjumpa adik kembar (modenas x-cite) dkt greece..hehe …nombor pon sama??!!


      1. hahaha.can’t aaa? give it a try….. but then have to go direct to the main service centre.From what I know, they will try to help if it not involve sponsorship form of cash.(bike sponsor normally)

        planning to go umrah by bike starting from greece on April 2011.
        Wait and see whether I can get Modenas from Greece.

        Any timeline for you to complete the journey?

        See you bro in KL.Maybe I can ‘belanja’ u your favorite coffe.


          1. hahaha,nevermind, somebody poison is someone medicine.

            Luckily Givi have notice your journey.The jacket is quite nice

            May the sponsorship will pouring in more and more


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