Pakistan Flood Relief -Updates with pictures

Khoda Khay Liye

Hi all, I am now back in Karachi. Relief work went well. We finished all the ration bags and water that we brought with us. I let the pictures tell the stories.

Thank you to all donors, sponsors, supports, volunteers for making this happen. For putting the smiles on their faces, food for their iftar and roof over their head.

Khoda Hafez.

Finally the laptop has arrived…in Malaysia


I got an e mail from Lenovo, they sad the laptop has arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I have been in Pakistan twice actually along this trip and i wrote here that the laptop has arrived almost 2 months from India back to Malaysia.

The laptop is still not in my hand, it’s somewhere out there…

I keep on sending them e mail asking them to send it to Greece. They never responded/replied to my mail.

Today Malaysia is 53 years old. Merdeka dan bebas.

Are you? Are you Malaysian with that attitude?

F9 Lenovo?

ps: Do you really trust this brand now after what had happen? do you think this ppl are doing a good job? Or doing their job at all? Would you recommend this brand to anyone you know? I would really love to know.

Khoda Hafez