IAMALAYSIAN in Budapest, Hungary

Adam sent me an e mail few weeks ago: ” a couch is waiting and covered parking for Lil G, if you don’t mind.”

Though there are many backpackers dorm here in Budapest, none of them offered a safe parking for Lil G.

“Lets meet up in Heroes Square when you get here and I buy you some coffee, you can’t find teh tarik but I can try to make you one,” Adam added.

Adam is a Hungarian married to a Malaysian lady from Sarawak.

Well, he is the only person that is not Malaysian that can sing our National Anthem Negaraku in Bahasa, that I know of. How cool is that.

I arrived a bit early, so I hangout in the cloudy and drizzle… cold Heroes Square waiting for him.

I never met Adam nor I know how he looks like.

Here comes a white guy and he greeted me “apa kabar? sudah lama tunggu?

I was like “eh?”

Saya Adam,” he said.

“Oh,  you are the the guy,” I just can’t believe how well he speaks in Malay.

“So whats your plan?” he asked.

“Ok…rain is not gonna stop and it’s getting dark,” I told Adam.

Jom!” Adam replied. Hahaha…the best Malay words I heard so far along my way across the Asia and Middle East and now Europe.

We headed his home and he made me some coffee. 3 in 1 lah, of course.

Told him that I am in touch with some Malaysian from embassy. “No worries. We are such small community here in Hungary,” he said.

The next day I roamed around in the light rain.

“We follow your blog and it seems where ever you go here in Eastern Europe you brought rain from Malaysia,” Adam said. And we laughed. It’s great when a reader, now a friend, paid attention to little details that you wrote in your blog.

Gina, Adam’s wife took me around and introduce me to other Malaysians in Hungary. Met Micheal Wong and wife and they invited me for dinner; Thai food. “Don’t worry brother, we have been following your blog and lets have some hot and spicy food for a change. Closer to Malaysian,” Michael said. So that night I had Tomyam with them. Hot and spicy food. I love.

Spent the next day roaming around town.

Went for a courtesy visit to our embassy here.

Met the H.E Ambassador and the rest of Malaysian here.

Datuk M. Kamilan invited for coffee later at Saudara Salman house later.

To Adam and Gina, you guys are such a great host. Thanks for the mee goreng, coffee, sofa, laundry and everything.

To all Malaysians, Salman and family, Datuk Kamilan, Micheal and all of you guys in Hungary, thanks for everything and keep the Malaysian spirit.

Salman….itu nasi with ikan  tenggiri masin perah limau and telur dadar taste still lingers…

You guys are wonderful and made me felt at home.

Khoda Hafez

10 thoughts on “IAMALAYSIAN in Budapest, Hungary”

  1. it’s good to know that there are still plenty of good people out there. as a human being, I pray to God may they live happily wherever they may be. safe ride bro ….


  2. Salam 1Dunia,
    Bila mau sampai London? Worse winter than last year on the way..
    Ride safely bro.. Balik KL kena teh tarik kat tempat biasa…


  3. Hey Hadi,
    you’ve been around for so long and cheered up the past week, it is almost strange to walk out of the bedroom in the morning and not being able to say to some guy sleeping on the couch: “Selamat pagi!”
    Hope you’re well, we remember your visit most fondly, and don’t forget the 3xP project in 2013, mah…
    Malaysia boleh! Budapest juga boleh 🙂
    God bless…


  4. Hai, its nice to found your blog about budapest! Im going there next week for student exchange but im worried because this is my first time there. Can i know if are still in contact with malaysian people in budapest ?


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