Iamalaysian is in London, UK

We (me and Lil G) are here in UK. Touched down at Dover about 1230PM local time. Nobody was here to greet and meet us. Nobody was around us. Just the two of us.

We are Malaysianlah.

Anyway, arrived London about 3pm. Been going around and around looking for a place to put up a night since almost all places I went are fully booked. Dorm, I mean. Can’t afford to stay in a hotel, motel or anything as such.

It is raining off and on in London. Been going around in the wet and cold. Torn map, soaked and freezing. What else is new, even on the last day of my ride?

Took hot shower and went out for dinner alone. Another day, another story to tell.

Thanks for everything guys. Time for me to get some rest.

I hope and pray for a warm night but I can only just wish in a dorm with no heater.

Khoda Hafez.