I’m coming home for real!

Lil G finally reached Bangkok in one piece after all the hassles for more than 5 weeks. We will reach Padang Besar around 8.30 am and hopefully Sungai Buloh by 6pm more or less on Wednesday, 15th December 2010.

Pray for my safe ride. Thanks for all the well wishes and see you soon in Kuala Lumpur!

Khoda Hafez.

19 thoughts on “I’m coming home for real!”

  1. salam…..
    finally…the news that we been waiting to hear…

    btw got some “seminar” at jln ampang that whole day,
    try to go there if time permit, jln ampang-jln tun razak towards jln duta after office hour….you know better bro…

    maybe we can meet-up later this weekend or something….

    safe ride bro…..


  2. wow~ great news!

    but unfortunately I won’t be able to join you since I’m working up until 8pm that day.. well, I just hope you’ll reach KL safely.. all the best bro!! 😉


  3. salam..bro..aku ingat ko dah sampai..rupanya baru sampai…
    rindulaaa nak borak2 dgn ko..aku pun baru juga sampai ni
    ingat tak kita makan lamb burger sama2..huh layan2
    aku doakan ko sentiasa selamat.ingat Allah selalu..insyaAllah


  4. Salam Syed,welcome home!

    We were so proud of you!

    Tears of joy comes down from my eyes hearing that you’ve finally reached here safely.

    You have become our inspiration, for us little bloggers in iAwani.

    My friends send their regard for you, they say they wanna reach something big like you have achieved someday. May Allah blesss you, always.

    -ShueQry iAwani-


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