touchdown Lhoksemawe

its only 350km today….
took me 9 and half hrs to reach here.
riding in drizzle.
my butt hurts n feeling numb lah.
guess so tonite i hv to sleep facing down aka “meniarap”.
time for dinner n rest.

6 thoughts on “touchdown Lhoksemawe”

  1. Salam sdr Hadi,
    your route around indonesia and back looks great. i started from london june and just got back to Malaysia last month, my route was up north via europe thru ukraine, russia, central asia…of coz on a slightly bigger cc thn yours. i’l definitely follow you as need to decide where shall i continue either sumatera or kalimantan on my next leg to australia. good luck to you and all the best. may Allah bless.


  2. Salam hadi..

    Moga Allah selamatkan dan memberkati keseluruhan perjalanan tuan.
    Sambil2 tu boleh ambil alamat dan cara-cara untuk rakyat Malaysia bersedekah atau mewakafkan apa2 di Acheh.. boleh postkan di sini..
    Ramai yang ingin mnderma sebenarnya tapi tak tau cara..

    terima kasih di….


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