What is FPO….

let me share with you guys a little secret lah…
i have been using this OIL
engine oil called FPO..
Locally produced..
i cant say much on technical about it since i am not really oil expert.
but i can tell you…
i am happy with it
tested on my Versys and my Lil G
my Versys is old bike with a very high mileage
same goes to my kapcai.
looks new but the bike hv travel far..
since i have a bike spa and also service ctr for versys and er6.
i only recommend good stuff to my clients and customer.
FPO has better and longer life span than other oil in the market…and cheaper too.
kapcai also can use lah
and car too..
FPO are happy to sponsor me for this ride.
unlimited supply of engine oil throughout the ride…
too bad…
my kapcai can only consume 1 ltr every 2000km cycle
so far my kapcai odometer has surpassed 2400 km today and the engine still runs smooth,
and today i checked,the oil level remains unchanged.
so far so good.
looks like the spare oil i carry in the box will go long way before i get to use it.

give it a try guys…
u wont regret it

owh… and their stress test on youtube is here
compared to other more expensive and branded oil in the market

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