Delayed posting—Maelabuh to Danau Toba

Here i am sitting in Grand Canyon Coffee…
Thailand Coffee outlet in Semarang.
Remind me of riding back home.
Entered this place and greeted “Sawadi kap..”
“medai Thai” aku jawap balik.
All went quiet.

Back to my ride.
Riding from Mealabuh to Danau toba was fun.
Though it was raining heavily and riding up and down the mountain range with my kapcai was tough…
The view was great.
Put up a nite in Sidikalang.
I dont think i will ever make it to Danau toba before dark even its just 100 away.
and its almost 5 pm

next day early morning after breakfast..slow start..
as expected
this 100 km ride took me more than 4 hours.
dont blame the road.
thats what i am here for.
the adventure
sight from great big mosque slowly change to churches and chapel
locals are batak and they speak a local dialect that sounds like minang but melodious.
Entered Lake toba from the west side.
via Pangururan.
The view..

View into Lake toba.
View into Lake toba.

spent 2 nites here..
as usual..
laundry and writing time…
enjoy the pictures

Look at the waterfall behind there...
Look at the waterfall behind there…
Rumah orang batak
Rumah orang batak
Small door eh
Small door eh
a view to remember
a view to remember
if she can speak....what would it be?
if she can speak….what would it be?

This is the panorama from the top of Lake toba…

Panorama view from the top
Panorama view from the top

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