Some good news and bad news…

Salam and hello all..
Before i share the updates ,i wanna say thank you to all my media friends…
for being there for us since day 1.
too many names to mention lah.

Yesterday i was on air at TV9
Nasi Lemak Kopi O.
sharing our experience.
i was with Anita.
she was 1 of my students.
well i do teach and do personal coaching to those who wants to go and do ADVENTURE Riding.
msg me lah if you guys wanna be 1.


Anita also was awarded by Malaysian Book Of Record in the afternoon.
Congrats and salute to her


the good news is …

Bernama Radio 24 is officially our Partner now.
As Official radio,they will air and share my updates along my coming ride.
the link is here

Bad News?
malas lah mau cakap…
every news is good newslah..
its how u accept it and digest it.
adalah hikmah tu…


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