Artwork from little artist

My little friend, Yassin drew this. Thank you boy!

Do you draw? If you would like to be featured in this blog, send your drawings to my admin: Or create a post in your blog and we’ll link you!

9 thoughts on “Artwork from little artist”

  1. oh itu anak saya…dia memang admire betul dgn hadi. saya dgn hadi tiada pertalian saudara, cuma kawan baik sejak 11 tahun lalu.


  2. aku tak pandai lukis,
    kalau aku lukis pn cam dak2 je.
    comei la anak emila punya lukisan
    nk wat walpaper.
    mintak izin amik. hehe


  3. Alhamdulillah..Hadi,, you got two little friends,

    ,Yassin give U big support togeater with drawing

    and my grandson Kasiful Hadi give U Alfahtiha ,,they Doa for U

    the only weapon We have is DOA

    May ALLAH bless U always


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