The Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road

31 Oct 2015

” Without a myriad of sacrifices and hard work, how can I know Why The Success ?” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

“As I always enjoy my ride so much, people always presume I’m riding on holidays, they don’t know I treat the rides, all my rides as a job, as a responsibility. And I’m passionate about them” ~ Hadi Hussien

Alhamdulillah I’m on the road again, after so long not being able to, partly because of unprecedented circumstances and partly because of other obligation. Life, as in one of it of course!!.

Today mark the second day of the journey. The Great Ocean Road has not disappoint and the stunning rocky beaches does really offer lots of scenic coastal views. A picture selfie “purfecto” thingy i should say, even I couldn’t resist. Riding and cruising slowly through the road on my bike is definitely giving me a different perspective than just driving in a car. Sunshine on my head, squinting to the eyes and the smell of sea breeze on my face, bliss. Time and time again I can feel the strong wind gushing through as I made my way,but nothing too strong that I or the bike couldn’t handle. Everything was under control. I was welcome by a stormy rainy night, the first day of camping in Portland. The temperature rapidly decreased until 16-13 Celsius during night time. Luckily I brought my loyal tent that i had way back when I did the KL-London ride, my custom made “Tikar Mengkuang” hail from MUO, yes you’re reading it right the first time ;), and my comfy sleeping bag.

As I was on moderate speed, the one advantage I had is that i can stop at anytime i want along the way. There were no rush on things. Places like these deserve non other than the best accommodation. Under the Australian sky and the cold earth beneath me. Camping give you the best outdoor experience ever. You can meet people in the open and communicate with them. It breaks the ice better. Plus you can enjoy the first glimpse of the sunrise the next day. The campsites are mostly decent, clean and spacious with power, hot water and toilets. They will cost you as low as 28 Ausd on normal days to 40 Ausd during high seasons or holidays. Will share with you guys later on how to find these camping grounds. Well that’s for now…i’m signing off from the deep cold of the night.

View outside
View outside
Inside Tent
Inside Tent

Couldn’t wait to edit the video’s of the journey. Stay Tune you guys for more info 😉




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