Ride for the koala : One of Aussie most pride lovable icon

The news of my ride is at Harian Metro, read it here : http://www.hmetro.com.my/node/90489 (NEW!!)

Its not just the surfing beach, sun and salty wind along the great ocean road. There is also a wild national park where you can see and experience the wild life of Australia that you can ride through. I just park my bike and a kangaroo suddenly hops in front of me. That’s how close and upfront you can be with them. At Great Otway National Park Rain forest you can experience the tranquil, clean fresh air in every breath. These trails will lead you to some scenic hidden waterfalls and lakes. There are also several trails suitable for off-road biking and hiking. Trust me, it’s awesome !!!

Note : Koala are endangered species and be best to be left alone if you found a wild one.

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