How Big is Australia?


Some people ask me…Is Australia that big? Is it Adventurous enough to be riding here?

They ask, why does it take you so long to ride in Australia? Are you secretly working there, picking fruits just to earn some extra pocket money? Or are you just hanging too long at one place? Or is it true that Australia is really such a big place?

Well to tell you the truth, it’s no denying fact, straight from the text book I mean, yes I would say because Australia is huge. Another answer would be is that my kind of style while doing adventure riding is not to rush it. Even when I went to London back in 2010, I didn’t ride fast or furious hehehe. I took it slow and steady; I stop wherever I wanted to stop especially at places that I’m comfortable in. If I want to add the stay for one or two days to chill then I will. Back then some stops can even exceed three or four days.

Why? You might ask

Well because I need the time to relax a bit and unwind. Doing some necessary routines like checking the bike conditions, covering stories and other task that is in relation to the ride. Yeargh, I am riding alone, no support cars with me, no one is helping on the plotting and planning of the routes. Every single detail is being handled by me alone. I’m doing the planning, the logistic, the bookings for rooms/campsites, taking pictures and writing stories. This also includes the pending works that I have in Malaysia that I had to follow up from here when there is an internet line. Lucky I have Visondata with me…up until now their WiFi data connection is top notch.

So in general I’m not just riding just for the sake of ride. There are other obligations that I need to cater to especially things back home in Malaysia. Plus I’m riding my Lil-D Demak slow, around only 80 km/h only, even on that rate it has made me very happy. I like this bike. A lot of people think I’m riding a big bike, but in actual, it’s just a 200 cc. It does look kind of sturdy and robust. But I one thing I can assure you, it’s one powerful bike he is.

Ok, for those who still haven’t the slightest clue on how big this continent is, here a sample picture for a quick 101 geographical look of “Ostolia”. The end

Besar sangat ka Australia ni ? Adventure sangat ka?

 Ada org Tanya aku..Apsal lama sangat kau ride kat Australia ? Kau kerja petik buah ka part time carik duit? Ke kau lepak lama sangat satu tempat? Atau mmg betul Australia ni besar. Kalau ikut betul betul la..Selalu nya ride aku tak rushing. Dulu masa gi London pon aku tak bawak motor laju. Bawak slow ja. Mana aku nak stop…dan aku rasa selesa..aku akan stop. Kalau aku rasa nak tambah sehari dua..Aku akan lepak. Ada jugak yg lebih 4 hari


Sebab aku nak rest…Nak lepak. Buat kerja apa yg patut. Belek motor. Buat story.Dan kerja lain yg berkait dengan ride lah. Ye lah kita ride sensorang.Bukan ada support car,bukan ada org tolong buatkan planning dan plotting untuk kita. Semua kena buat sendiri. Kita buat planning,kita jugak buat lojistik,kita jugak booking bilik,kita yg amik gambo,kita yang buat story. Ni blom kira kerja yg kat Malaysia aku follow up dari sini bila ada line internet. Untung aku bawak gajet visondata bersama, setakat ni servis data diorang tak menghampakan.

Jadi bukan lah aku ride ni sekadar ride sahaja. Kat Malaysia tu pon aku kena setelkan jugak. Lagipon aku bawak motor demak ni slow jaaa. 80kmh pon aku dah happy. Aku suka motor ni. Banyak org ingat ni motor besar. Walhal cc 200 ja pon. Tapi Nampak gagah. Memang gagah pon

Ok lah…

Ni dia rujukan bagi yg nak tau ostolia ni besar mana. Nak bandingkan dengan benua lain dan Negara lain.

Sekian wasallam


Flood in the Dessert

From overly scorching heat up until boiling your brain and suddenly this happens. Even the locals are really shocked by all the temperamental weather changes that are happening this year.  It’s the flood season in the middle of the dessert. Yes, I’m acknowledging that it’s been one whole week that I’ve been super quiet and all. I’m actually “enjoying” myself now playing with the rain huhuhu, playing with the rain in the middle of the dessert. You can’t believe it? Well neither can I, not even the locals as I said before. They said it hardly rains here. Maybe once a year but not like this. If it rains on a longer period of time the roads will be flooded with water instantly.

So that’s the story, I’m sitting here just hanging out waiting everything to cease off. It’s been a week that it rains everyday and I mean every single day without fail. The roads are flooded and closed for small vehicles like my bike. For big trucks and 4×4, it wouldn’t be a problem. Local people however, are taking things lightly and it seems like “songkran” is coming early for them hahaha. Before this, they hardly could see the river brimming with water as such. It’s like “Pesta Air” or the high tide festival in Tanjung Piai that we celebrate once a year.

As for me I’m not taking my risk riding in this rainy season and ended up getting stuck in the middle of no where. Water is not a God gift element that I want to be playing with right now. So, I’m relaxing, drinking some coffee, calmly, and the minute after these few days has passed and the flood has subsides, I will continue with my ride. InshaAllah.

Thank you for those that are constantly asking for my well being. Don’t worry

Alhamdulillah everything is still ok.