Flood in the Dessert

From overly scorching heat up until boiling your brain and suddenly this happens. Even the locals are really shocked by all the temperamental weather changes that are happening this year.  It’s the flood season in the middle of the dessert. Yes, I’m acknowledging that it’s been one whole week that I’ve been super quiet and all. I’m actually “enjoying” myself now playing with the rain huhuhu, playing with the rain in the middle of the dessert. You can’t believe it? Well neither can I, not even the locals as I said before. They said it hardly rains here. Maybe once a year but not like this. If it rains on a longer period of time the roads will be flooded with water instantly.

So that’s the story, I’m sitting here just hanging out waiting everything to cease off. It’s been a week that it rains everyday and I mean every single day without fail. The roads are flooded and closed for small vehicles like my bike. For big trucks and 4×4, it wouldn’t be a problem. Local people however, are taking things lightly and it seems like “songkran” is coming early for them hahaha. Before this, they hardly could see the river brimming with water as such. It’s like “Pesta Air” or the high tide festival in Tanjung Piai that we celebrate once a year.

As for me I’m not taking my risk riding in this rainy season and ended up getting stuck in the middle of no where. Water is not a God gift element that I want to be playing with right now. So, I’m relaxing, drinking some coffee, calmly, and the minute after these few days has passed and the flood has subsides, I will continue with my ride. InshaAllah.

Thank you for those that are constantly asking for my well being. Don’t worry

Alhamdulillah everything is still ok.

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