Its’ Scoot heaven down under…


Yep, I won’t deny the fact that it’s been like days of not updating the blog. I could even see the spider web trying to creep in. Sorry ok. It’s like I’m stealing some space here for me to chill and relax a bit. I’m done playing with the bike under the scorching sun. I’m giving myself some time to rest. But for today I got just a little story from the land of the down under. For scooter and “Vespa” fanatics fans back there in Malaysia, well there is some sneak peak news for u guys. If you have the urge to travel far and want to install boxes, there is some sample for you to follow. Apparently it’s their heaven over here, they are everywhere. Both designs are water proof, rain resistant, and can stand to the tormenting heat, plus it’s safe with lock and keys.

Chow for now….


Sekuter di mana-mana

Memang betul aku dah lama tak update blog. Sorry lah.Memang masa berehat buat aku dan melepak. Sudah puas bermain motor ditengah panas. Ni nak berehat sekejap.. Tapi untuk hari ni,aku nak share  sikit jaaa. Sikit ja info bagi peminat sekuter dan jugak vespa di Malaysia. Kalau rasa nak pasang box atau nak jalan jauh, ni sample nyaa. Dua-dua ni kalis air,tahan hujan, tahan panas  dan boleh dikunci.

Yang satu tu siap pasang side stand kiri kanan. Parking lah ikut mana pun tak kan rebah



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