don’t marahlah…..

“jgn marah marah ok…
dont marahlah”

            It’s been long since I last wrote something or even updated my blog for this journey. I know. There is a lot factor and reason of being why. Sometimes I had to sleep inside the tent…camping lah “kata orang Australia”. It’s the outback right, but when you camp, sleeping in the tent, in the tiredness and fatigue of the ride, where it is hot almost all of the time all the way. I can’t do much, except just trying to sleep. I’m not kidding when I say some of the days I was riding in temperature of 45-50’ish Celsius, you could literally blow your mind off…I mean boil the brain. Lucky the Furygan riding jacket I am wearing is a mesh type, but still  it’s pretty hot.

The distance from one town to another is pretty far. To get to the other town even for a ‘shot’ of gasoline is sometimes around 160 km to 180 km….and along the way, nothing just long lonely roads “sayuppppppp bawak motor sorang sorang..” not that I complaint. No point of riding faster too. If you do, you risk of wasting your fuel and they are very expensive over here. Each place charges different set of prices, where the remote rural areas being the highest. Everything will be extra expensive, from water, food and everything. Well it’s understandable when you need lorries and trucks to transport supplies as it’s too far from the cities.

           I can spend the whole day just riding off the 500 km route with this Demak bike. I don’t want to over stress the engine, neither do I want to stress myself. If I were to continue it would be dark before I reach the next town and it was advisable since the beginning that I don’t ride at night and risk running over wild animals. That’s why I need to plot my way carefully each day. When you camp, you will experience strong wind too sometimes. Similar to the “dust devil” as they say or small whirlwind. At night when the heat from the earth permeate through, you can’t really sleep. It’s like being in a sauna. That’s why sometimes I stop for more than a day at a place depending on how much my body can handle. Well I am an old young man getting on age uhuk :). If I want to write, I will need a place that have power supplies and there aren’t many of such places that I can find or could afford with the money I have. At other times, there isn’t any telecommunication lines making things worst. Just have to be very, very patient.

           That is why, when there is opportunity for me to have a good rest, good sleep, good shower hahaha I really stop and rest.

That is all for now guys/girls…

jangan marah marah aaa…

Dunmarra ok…;)

The end


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