Little baby D, Anak Johor and Ayers Rock

Anak Johor is here

~It started with a DREAM and the dream is to be the GREATEST~

As mythical as the place to be believed by some, it’s clearly a dream come true for my journey. Being in the hot sun, so near to this magnificent place does bring out the utmost joy and achievement, only the soul could understand. I suddenly feel how small little baby D and me compared to this mountainous structure in all of it’s solidarity.   I’ve made it here, Syukur Alhamdulillah amidst all the hardship. The journey of a rider can never clearly be understood just through mere words and pictures. As a solo rider like me, the experience riding high above the desert surrounds and explore this central Australian region just as the early pioneers did, can’t just simply be laid out in text. To be here, is a prove i am showing, there is never too small of a dream or too difficult and ridiculous of a plan if you think with knowledge, equip oneself with skills and work it out with determination. Anak Johor Iamalaysian in ULURU Ayers Rock Australia on a Demak ATM200.


Demak ATM200, Malaysian bike in Uluru Australia

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