Sponsorships and donations

Project I am Malaysian is still looking for sponsorships, if you are interested in corporate sponsorship, please contact the event manager:

Harris Andria
Email: harrisandria@iamalaysian.com
Mobile number: 012-6254110/169820110

For web ads space, you can contact the Web Manager:

E-mail: admin@iamalaysian.com

Ads space info:
– Banner: 150 x 150px banner – RM150.00/month
– Text 10 words – RM75/month
– In-post horizontal banner 468×60 pixels – RM150/post

Format for all banners: jpg, gif, gif animated or png. Flash is not accepted.

Payment is to be made directly to Bro Hadi’s account:
Maybank: Syed Ahmad Abdul Hadi Syed Hussien 164052375275
Paypal: abdulhadialattas@gmail.com

As for contributions, you can directly transfer to Bro Hadi’s Maybank account as above. We are going to give link-love to all contributors! So if you have done so, please e-mail to admin@iamalaysian.com (or leave your comment below) to get your link up in the blogroll. But of course, you have the option to remain anonymous. ^_^

All proceed from this blog will go directly into Bro Hadi’s bank account to ensure that he has spare cash in time of needs.

Thanks heap!
~ Admin

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