Cargo status

Ejen kargo call aku few mins before 5 pm, pihak kastam dan imigresen masih memproses dokumen untuk ship Lil G ke Nepal. Aku diarahkan untuk menghantar Lil G ke pejabat cargo untuk proses crating (masuk kotak) pada hari isnin ini jam 930 pagi.

Harapnya semua berjalan lancar.


My cargo agent called few minutes before 5pm saying that the custom and immigration of Bangkok are still processing the shipping documents for Lil G to Nepal. I was told to send Lil G for crating on Monday, 9.30am.

Here’s hoping for a smooth process!

3 thoughts on “Cargo status”

  1. so long time heheheh.. sabar je leee well mungkin sementara tue boleh le cari sponser kut2 ade kat sekitar sane tue… heheeh


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