Lil G in the box

we arrived

we wait …even the cat fell asleep waiting

front wheel out

here we go

whats coming with Lil G in the box

bubble wrap…

almost there

almost done

last nail

all done n set to see her in a box

11 thoughts on “Lil G in the box”

  1. jangan hantar pi madagascar sudeyhhh…

    i like it muvit muvit…
    u like it muvit muvit…

    i like it… muv it!



  2. All crated and ready,
    what’s the price of transportation for Lil G?
    Waah, Wednesday baru fly off…
    Masih boleh sightseeinglah…
    Alright bro, awaiting your next blog update!


  3. mak ai sampai mcm tuh skali kena bungkus…bro x masukkan oksigen ker kat lil G nti dia lemas hehehehe…harap2 stiker CTBIKERZ x terkoyak…per2 pun sy sentiasa doakan semoga bro ngan lil G selamat samapi di Nepal…


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