In the heaty, dusty, noisy city of Varanasi

Today was a tough day; I got lost in Varanasi and to make it worst, being laughed at by the locals. They were having fun giving me the wrong direction and making me lost in their city.

At one point, I stopped and asked for direction from two guys and they were pointing the opposite direction! They even argued among themselves, trying hard to convince me that they were each giving the right direction. I just watched them arguing for a while and left.

Was it me or was it that they have a typical attitude towards foreigner? I don’t know, I was really dumbfounded. Really.

You see, I have been to India before, it was hard at times but being in Varanasi on my small bike is HARDER. While i was riding today, there were riders on bikes chasing me, trying to make conversation, asking ridiculous questions, in the mad traffic of the city. Can you imagine that? And even when I pulled over to take pictures, bikes and cars would honk and some even pulled over and swarmed around me like bees. The normal 47°C suddenly went ‘higher’.

Here are the pictures that I managed to capture:

Ramnagar Fort

Ramnagar Fort front view

Ramnagar Fort side view

I don’t know what building this is..let me know if you know. Thanks.

Ramnagar Fort signboard

bridge crossing the Ganges to the fort

Anyway, I was back in my room safely and grumpily. After a good shower, I went out to get a drink from the cafe and bumped into the manager of the lodge.

Manager: In your country, what is the temperature like?
Me: It’s about 32 to 34°c.
Manager: Hahahaha that is our night time temperature…
Me: i  can tell…feels hot though…
Manager: Today Varanasi is 47°c. Do you feel it? Is it very hot for you?
Me: You bet it is!
Manager: Don’t you just wish you can just sit under the shower and don’t come out.
Me: hmmm…

After getting my drink, I went to the nearest cybercafe to upload pictures and to update my team members and as i was doing just that, a guy suddenly came to me and started YELLING.

Guy: Is that your motorcycle?
Me: Yes.
Guy: Who gives you the right to import your motorcycle into this country? Who gives you the permission? This is India you know?
Me: Yes i know i am in India…so what’s the problem?
Guy: Where do you come from?
Me: Malaysia.
Guy: I know where is Malaysia…how do you come here with the motorcycle? Who gives you the permission to come to India with the motorcycle? Where are you going with this motorcycle?
Me: I came by land, Malaysia to Thailand and then cargo to Nepal then i rode all the way here. And i am going to London.
Guy: You are going to London? That is very far!
Me: I know, you don’t have to yell at me all the time.
Guy: That is impossible to ride a small bike to London.
Me: impossible is just an OPINION, not a FACT.

Sorry guys. I am getting tired of this power showoff of unknown people yelling to my ears. I am just sick and tired of the attitude. It’s time to hit bed.

I will be heading to Kanpur early tomorrow, running away from the heat…I hope.

I’ll try to hit Agra after Kanpur, if I have the energy. After that it’ll be Jaipur and New Delhi. Pray for my safe ride.

Boy! I have never wrote this long.

Nitey nite people. Khodahafez.

23 thoughts on “In the heaty, dusty, noisy city of Varanasi”

  1. salam…..
    it’s really annoying even by reading your post here, but then again looking at the pic, wow…..a pic tells a thousand story….
    how long till u reach taj mahal?

    btw, whats the number on your odo now? mileage until now..

    safe ride bro….


  2. oh no varanasi sounds horrible. Im sure it wl get better for you. And across the border for sure things will improve. Good luck. Khuda hafeez


  3. Bro Hadi… The experience in Varanasi sounds ugly…but I know thru our kind of work, things are never going the way we want to sometimes, and at times, most times! … and usually, if not always, we managed it…

    The temperature is hot, the people makes you hotter but I know you can maintain your cool.. cause that is who you are!…

    I believe not all the people is as annoying as those you mentioned..tere’ll be one or two you’ll meet that will be pleasant to talk to..

    Enjoy the journey bro.. Take plenty of pics.. we will definitely pray for you..

    Boy! I have never commented this long too! Hahaha!
    Keep your chin up bro… Ride Safe!


  4. Varanasi ni blh thn juga la cantik tempatnya tapi peil org dia kurang cantik sikit la.Saya setuju dgn jawapan bro dlm FAQ,utk mengelakkan manuasia2 yang suka menyesatkan orang ni tanya ramai orang,then compare the answer.Kata orang malu bertanya sesat jalan…be patient ok.


  5. Read your experience there, im just thinking their mentality is too low.
    Give wrong direction and then they laugh together, try to scam, try to provoke…All the matter absorb by Hadi nicely.Me also, hate to keep hear yelling . They must be kelam kabut while talk even yelling.
    Thats your experience and you managed it well Hadi.
    Good luck for your journey.


  6. Hadi,

    Some people can be so proud of their country, so proud that they allow themselves to be unpleasant to others.. Lessons learnt… We can always be proud of our country but still being courteous to others..

    Anyway, keep cool… and enjoy… and take care!!



  7. Cool story there bro..although the weather isnt..anyway, its funny to see when you blog in Malay, everybody replies in malay as well and when u blog in English, suddenly everybody replies in English as well…make sure you blog in Arabic and in Germ when you are in those parts of the world, hahaha…lets see if you can get the same replies..

    Khoda Hafez


  8. Bro, you have 23 countries more to go. Whatever it is, enjoy it.. our prays are always with you.
    Khoda hafez. selawat.


  9. bro, lain kali diorang tanya pergi mana jgn bgtau..

    bila ada tanya nak pergi mana esok..
    bgtau je join bikers tempatan..
    jgn bgtau jadual perjalanan bro..
    sebab takut nanti “geng ” diorang duk tunggu tgh jalan..

    time parking mana2,
    buat2 sidai kain buruk..cover no plat dgn kain @ kertas..

    pernah melancong ke india.
    attitude org sana mmg mcm bro ckp tu..


  10. On behalf of all Indians I regret and apologize for the bahaviour of the fools in Varanasi. We are not like this and guests have a special place in our house . In fact as per our scriptures the Athithi(Guest) is like a god. Once again please accept my apologies and hope you meet the better lot soon.
    Whenever you are in Delhi call me at 9999475759 so that I can make amends


  11. salam bro hadi,
    be strong on whatever obstacles and challenges.
    i believed that, not all indians are like that.
    may Allah give you strength and will…amin.


  12. very2 rude attitudes !!
    well…thats life bro…BUT i like your statement very much “impossible is just an OPINION, not a FACT.”

    now..thats a GOOD one ! 🙂

    happy riding bro !


  13. Kalau mamat ni di Malaysia mesti dia kata “That is impossible to ride a small bike to India” ha ha… berkata-kata memang mudah… kat malaysia pun ramai orang macam ni. Saya akan simpan ayat keramat anda “impossible is just an OPINION, not a FACT” kerana sebagai pegembara berkapcai itulah cemuhan yang pernah saya hadapi. Apa-apa pun minat mengatasi segalanya… teruskan usaha anda bro.. saya sentiasa menyokong anda semampu mungkin.


  14. Hadi selalu baca tapi tak nah comment. merantau negeri orang mmg kdg2 banyak songelnya. tapi ride negeri sendiri pun sebenarnya banyak gak hal. apapun lu keep cool dan teruskan nawaitu. kalu penat rest…


    1. Bintang 3:Bro hadi sentiasa baca blog ni, tiap tiap kali ada reply/komen masuk ianya akan terus ke blackberry dia..tapi kalau setiap komen dia nak reply, hehe…jenuh la..hehe..harap harap bintang 3 faham kenapa Bro Hadi jarang reply komen..tapi selalunya bila Bro Hadi ada masa terluang, dia akan reply sedaya upaya beliau..terimakasih atas sokongan anda..


  15. i not racist, but that their culture , u have to accept it.
    it happen to malaysian’s indian here in malaysia, when something happen, all of them coming , asking why,why and why… so much talking without any result. am i right?
    for malay, when the other malay make something difference , their start arguing and complaint a lot.. why not give a motivation instead of depreciation? that our trademark..

    for sure, after this another weird culture coming when u enter other countries.. afterall when arrive in UK, their ‘funny talking’culture will make u laugh at all times.


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