From Varinasi to Agra

It was a long ride; 650km in 12 hours to be exact.

I rode slowly and steadily, stopped 6 times for fuel. Fuel is like 52 Rupees and some would charge 60 Rupees per liter here. The hot, humid and sunny weather was part of the fun. I was advised by friends that the route I was taking is kinda risky. Was told that’s where rebels are attacking locals and tourists including burning buses and killing all on-board.

I rode cautiously with eyes wide open.

Riding from Varanasi to Agra was not that tough in terms of road condition; it is considerably smooth and good. It was just that I had to compromise with the heat, trucks, cows and traffic coming the opposite way on the wrong lane. Can’t blame them nor tell them its wrong. It’s India.That’s the beauty of it.

As I was riding yesterday, there were cars and bikes trying to stop me for unknown reason. I don’t know. But there was this one car driver that really went to the extent and overtook me in a dangerous way!

He managed to stop me and asked, “you speak English?”
Me: Yeah.
Him: Where are you from?
Me: Malaysia.
Him: You need anything?
Me: Not now. I need to ride.
Him: I buy you a drink.

I looked at him and did not utter a word. He insisted. From my observation, he looks OK so I said why not. He called his assistant and asked him to get us 2 Pepsi Cola. Cold! We had a small chat and he was wondering what am I doing here in India on a bike, small bike. I told him it is made in Malaysia and I’m heading to London with it. He got excited and started calling out to people and gave me a pat on my back and said, “Man I am proud of you! Oh how I wish any Indian man would venture and travel the world with Indian-made bike!”

I smiled at him.

Anyway, after saying goodbye, I rode on and stopped for mango juice and fuel for Lil G and Lord knows what RON I am feeding my bike!

Finally, I reached Agra almost sunset. Got myself a room and when I was just about to get some rest, there was a power failure. Lucky the hotel has back-up generators, so the power was back in no time. After shower, I went to get some food. While sitting down having my prata at the roadside stall, I was approached by kids asking for money. A young man came to my rescue and chased those kids away.

Young man: Where from?
Me: Malaysia.
Young man: You arrived today from Malaysia?
Me: Few days ago, I  just arrived from Varanasi.
Young man: Must be hot n humid there.
Me: Yes, indeed.
Young man: Its cooler here.
Me: Really? What’s the temperature like?
Young man: It’s about 46°C.
Me: That’s only 1°C difference.
Young man: Yeah…but Agra is drier. You don’t sweat that much.

I smiled, nodded and continued eating. Really can’t tell the difference.

So, back in my room, I could not sleep at all. The heat was just too unbearable so I tried to switch on my laptop but then there goes BAM! The laptop was working fine but not the screen. It stays blank.

GOD PLEASE! Not again!!

This is the 2nd time it died on me. 1st was when it was 3 days old and now, in India, at one month old! How am I going to edit my pictures and videos now?

Kinda panic at 4am in Agra.

Couldn’t do much so I went to the roof and waited for sunrise to get some pictures but it was too hazy. Waited until 7am but still it was not worth the wait. Went back to my room and try to catch some sleep. After 2 hours, the heat was catching up. I was drenched all over.

Went down the lodge with my heart still not in the mood to visit anywhere. My mind was only thinking about my laptop and how to solve the problem. Made some calls, text here there till noon. Was told that the nearest repair shop would be in Delhi, some 200km away, about 9 hours round-trip. And there’s no guarantee that it can be fixed.

Nevertheless, I went out for lunch, met some travelers, had some chat and back to my room. Took a long afternoon nap. I must be very tired. It was getting dark when I woke up so I rushed to the roof again for some pictures. It was worst. It was a no-picture day.

I decided to stay here until Sunday. Why? Well, it’s cheaper than Delhi, can’t really do much in Delhi on weekend too. Let’s hope I can get my laptop fixed on Monday.

That’s about it, people. Will try to get some pictures tomorrow and will get an oil-change for Lil G, it’s almost time.

Have a good night and good weekend.

Till later, Khodahafez.

18 thoughts on “From Varinasi to Agra”

  1. Salam..bro..belek belakang laptop..ada kotak untuk slot RAM kan??bukak skru,cabut RAM tu..then gosok kuprum berwarne emas dgn pemadam..takut ada karat2 dia jadi gitu..insyallah boleh…lepas 2 pasang..tgk tanda2 mcm RAM je masalah..

    Nie contoh gambar RAM,utk lappy kecik skit dan pendek RAM tu…

    Harap semuanya selamat..Amin…


  2. 1. Yes…betul kata bro Azri…itu salah satu perkara yg menyebabkan perkara tersebut berlaku…ia berikutan juga effect drpd keadaan iklim di kaw yang terlalu sejuk secara mengejut dan terlalu panas secara mengejut…cuba try cmne yg bro Azri katakan td…Cara ini juga sebenarnya dpt meneutralkan diantara cas + dan – yg trdapat pada plat kuning keemasan RAM tersebut disamping menghilangkan kotoran…Satu lagi jangan sentuh plat yg berwarna kuning keemasan tersebut dgn tangan, jari atau mana2 anggota badan kita sbb badan kita ada cas krn ianya menyebabkan caj menjadi tidak seimbang…

    2. Ia juga berkemungkinan terdapat wayar penyambung diantara skrin dan motherboard longgar(loose)…perkara ni x disarankan untuk buka sendiri…hanya tenaga pakar sahaja yg bleh setelkan sbb laptop tersebut mesti dibuka kesemuanya(bergantung pada jenis laptop)

    3. Berkemungkinan masalah Video Graphic Accelerator (VGA) chip di motherboard…

    Tapi mengikut pengalamna saya…yang no. 3 jarang berlaku…yang selalu berlaku hanya no. 1 dan 2 sahaja…( Selamat Mencuba) eh satu lagi…jangan lupa cabut bateri masa melakukan prosidur NO.1 shj…bahaya…



  3. Salam bro,

    Likely possible reason,

    I googled about G460 and found out that its a common problem among G460 users, display blank but LED indicates normal startup. The problem is cause by bug in BIOS. Lenovo people admits it. The update is available but most user fail to properly update resulting in another problem. I think its best for you to bring it to nearest Lenovo Authorized SC, its in Delhi. about 120km straight line viewed in Google map.

    IBM Global Service (I) Pvt. Ltd,
    First Floor, Birla Towers,
    25, Barakhamba Road,
    Connaught Place, New Delhi
    Ph: 011 – 52292147/51511870/52293000

    Other possible reason,

    Logically, due to long constant vibration/friction on bike, maybe the data ribbon (in the joint) connecting main body to display got worn off. Just take a look around the joint or squeeze a bit while computer running. Just a thought.

    Hope its help, take care.


  4. Bro Zaim,LE-K Technician & Azri…thank you for you thoughts..will convey the messages to Hadi via sms & BBM…thanks again


  5. Just curious, how on earth do you continue posting notes onto this blog when your comp is down and out? Takkan you dictate kat Harris kot?


    1. Alena, he sent the text via Blackberry and we do the rest. As we’re using wordpress platform, Hadi can log in from any part of the world long as there’s internet connection i.e. cybercafe.

      Normally, he would ftp stories, pictures and videos to our server and we’ll upload them to youtube, picasa and what not. It’s just that without the laptop he cannot edit pictures and videos as editing programs are all in the laptop.


    2. Alena..dictate to me? haha..I’m very bad at making stories,exp real life adventures like this one..I am more into the official side stuffs..sorting out problems..trying to get sponsors..making sure Hadi is on track..and sane..haha..Emila does most of the web/blog stuffs..I normally continue from there by copying the pictures and posting them up again in the IAMALAYSIAN Fb album..thanks for supporting dear..


  6. Mungkin betul juga kata bro Zaim…Getaran atau impak yg datang ketika bro Hadi ride the motorcycle bleh menyebabkan kerosakan teknikal dalaman laptop…I suggested balut laptop tu dengan kain yang tebal2 sebelum dimasukkan ke dalam beg supaya dapat menyerap getaran atau impak yang datang dari motorsikal…


  7. If you face any problem in India please do let me know. Will try to help if anything happen…Good Luck bro !!! Malaysia Boleh !!!


    1. Amirul, where are you at? Are you in India? Do let us know or leave your number. Maybe we can get Hadi to give you a call. Thanks.


  8. Bro.. My ACER did the same, can boot up but blank screen… I was told there’s a virus that is causing and it’s hidden in a file called ‘Obama and Clinton Scandal’… I did open this file, got it from FB Inbox.
    Hope you get it fix soon… Good Luck and stay healthy!


  9. mengikut pengalaman saya…brand laptop yg selalu jadi masalah blank screen ni iaitu bila ditekan butang on, x keluar apa2 mahupun cahaya dr screen ialah acer aspire series and COMPAQ CQ 40…tp Lenovo sbnarnye jarang belaku…i am still now pakai brand ASUS…tiada masalah langsung sampai skrg.


  10. Salam kpd semua..terimakasih diatas semua troubleshooting help yg diberikan…rasa rasanya cara yg terbaik dan tercepat adalah untuk mendapatkan laptop baru..dan ini sedang diusahakan dari Delhi..jadi insyaALLAH Bro Hadi tiba di Delhi nanti,dia akan dapat laptop baru dan kita akan dapat menikmati semula gambar pemandangan inah serta video video menarik dalam perjalanan IAMALAYSIAN..

    Terimakasih sekali lagi…


  11. saya guna compaq cq40.teruk ke laptop ni??beri pendapat..terima kasih..dan saya ucapkan tahniah kepada BRO HADI kerana bersabar dalam semua dugaan.kami harapkan kejayaan anda.terima kasih sekali lagi..


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