From Agra with heat…

Sound of barking dogs early this morning woke me up. Tried to capture the sunrise on my camera but after waiting for two hours, all I got was nothing. The sky and the sun shied on me. So, I went down to have breakfast on the street again. Capati and masala tea; it was a good breakfast.

Later, I walked to the tourism office to buy ticket for Taj Mahal. 750 Rupee. The price is quite high for an entrance fee but oh well, since Taj Mahal is the only reason for me to make a stop here, I just have to visit the place as planned. I was told that Taj Mahal will be closed every Friday in respect of Muslim’s Friday prayer. With this in mind, since I am going to be here until Sunday,  I think it’s best for me to sort my laptop issue today and visit Taj on Saturday. That way, there will be ample time for the computer shop to contact their counterparts in Delhi if they need laptop parts or anything.

My cash almost runs out, so I roamed around Agra looking for cheaper place. Found a very cheap lodge and moved my stuff from the current lodge. Good thing is Lil G can sleep right outside my door! And yes, the view from this roof is way much better. But getting to this new lodge is a bit tricky, I have to memorise the route else I will get lost.

Anyway, so here I am, sitting under a shade, having my masala tea again, writing this on my Blackberry while waiting for the computer shop to open.

Again, let’s hope I can get it fixed. Khodahafez.


15 thoughts on “From Agra with heat…”

  1. Taj Mahal,Wow!.. You’ve got ample time to recuperate.. till Sunday!… That lappie’s been giving you problem since the beginning.. is it the same one you sent for servicing in Malaysia prior your journey?? Anyway, lucky for you, you got your Blackberry! Rest well bro and enjoy The Taj Mahal!


  2. though I actually expecting pict and videos.. but knowing you were well and still able to update via phone still is good enough ….

    guest nothing can be done since that lappy broke down.. just hopefully we can enjoy burst of picture and videos later once that lappy fixed



  3. Salam bro hadi.. Saya big fan misi ‘I am Malaysian’ …Just cadangan kalo tak keberatan… Harap bro bole update route map … interested nak tau route dan kat mana lokasi terkini… take care n safe ride


    1. Plaster, sila klik pada banner map di sidebar atas sekali. Route map telah diup-kan semenjak dua hari lalu dan telah diupdate lokasi terkini.


  4. salam hadi, masih x dapat lagi notebook??
    aku simpati dgn lu bro, kalau wa ORG SENANG/ ORG KAYA sure wa dah supply notebook baru dan sponser sikit lu punya niat suci demi negara malaysia ,


    x per bro ..hadi….wa cuma boleh sponser lu doa-doa agar allah lindungi dan selamat kan lu sepanjang perjalanan…aminnn


  5. Awan lindungi Mu waktu panas

    Hujan basahi MU waktu dahaga

    sama2 kita berdoa dan berselawat

    D,Kurna rezki, keadaan sehat selalu, D ,lindungi musok2 zahir dan batin

    DOA the only OUR WEAPON
    May ALLAH Bless U,, Always ..Hadi


  6. wish u lappy can be fixed. why dont u search kt internet kot2 u can fixed it by ur self?

    always do it by my own n thanks to Google. hehe


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