As I wait…

Lenovo Malaysia, heck, Lenovo as a whole, promises that, with a warranty, you can get your laptop fixed anywhere on earth in no time and that you don’t have to pay a single cent. Now here I am in Agra, India, with a blank-screened laptop and Lenovo Malaysia wants me to call them in KL and tell them how it happened. That cost me a fortune, who on earth is going to pay my bill?? Lenovo?

They gave me a toll-free Service Center number to call in India, guess what? The number is not working!! And again, guess what? When asked, they didn’t even know the location of the place, whether it still exist and if it exists, can I get my laptop fixed there?

You know what I think they should do? They should at least have the courtesy to call their India counterparts letting them know that a Malaysian who bought their product is having a trouble in India and need parts replaced. A little effort made by a big company could mean so much to a little person like me. Now, I am beginning to think that warranty is only a piece of crap.

I have been going around finding non-existing shop as referred by LENOVO Malaysia. After few hours of riding, I finally found a shop with huge LENOVO board on its wall. Walked in, saw some ‘authorised dealer and certified’ cert on the wall. I told the man my problem, he took my laptop and tore it apart, testing the ram and the rest. After 15 minutes, he looked at me and said, “Can’t do much now. It’s the motherboard failure, the least could be the display. Any symptom?” Told him that it has been flickering for the past few days. “That’s a sign its dying…too bad you are far away from home. Am sorry I can’t help you much here,” he said again.

He later gave me a helpline number and even called it for me. Ten minutes of listening to Hindi song, a female voice surged and asked me how may she help me. I explained the whole problem again and later she asked me a very silly question on how does the laptop arrived in India and what is it doing in India when it is from Malaysia. Explained again that I am on a trip and I need to get it fixed. She put me on hold for another 10mins only to be given a reference number and that I have to call another number and gave them the reference number so that I can get my laptop diagnosed. That is so GREAT!

Anyway, I called the number given and was asked the same question all over again by a man and was even asked whether if I use IBM bag or IBM backpack and why don’t I use their hand carry laptop bag. Again, I was asked what am I doing in India with a laptop. D’oh, can’t a man be in India with a laptop? Asked him whether the company carries parts for my model. He said, “No worries my friend, you bring your laptop here and I have a look what’s the problem.”

Me: Do you have the parts to fix it?
Man: No problem ….we need to look at your laptop.
Me: I don’t want u to look at my laptop, I want it fixed.
Man: Come to my place, it’s ONLY about 100 km away.

Yeah right.

I calculated that, door to door time + time finding the place,  it would be 240km — a one day riding and further then Delhi. To lose that much time just to show my laptop, with no guarantee that he can fix it, I am so not going. Enough time wasted. My days have been stressful and I could not afford to top it more. I need to have a peace mind before the next ride.

Enough about the Lenovo CRAP. I’ve had it.

Now, my attention is all with Lil G. She needs tender loving care; needs her oil and filter to be changed, chain to be lubed and tighten as well as routine check done before the next long ride up north to the mountains.

Spent the whole noon with Lil G and happy to see her fit for the next ride. The oil is bit expensive to me, though…275 Rupee for just the oil. But I don’t mind at all, she deserves the best.

14 thoughts on “As I wait…”

  1. wait2 n wait.. call n call…. all the same way.. what ever brand. One more … fill the form plss n just a minute .. hahahahha Dugaan. Hope bro tabahkan jiwa 🙂


  2. just got myself a new laptop. ACER not LENOVO. had a great experience with ACER since 4~5 years back until it was full of water due to home rooftop leaking recently. LENOVO?? naaa.. never ever since it was introduced..


  3. same goes to me bro..acer is the best..4 years with it but still working and in good condition…dell? got 2 laptop with theese brand and guess what…the battery…both of it need to be change as it malfunction as soon as the warranty period ends…buy it at the same time and need to change the batteries also at the same time..haha


  4. penyelesaian murah..
    1. text input.
    pakai BB saja.
    2.gambar & video.
    save in CD or online storage, then pos / forward to admin. admin editkan lar , pastu posting.. notes tuk setip pict leh tulis kat kertas dulu atau Hadi add bila jumpa cyber cafe.


    1. Thanks Azril, currently Hadi is using BB to e-mail me his stories. As for pictures, I have suggested that he get a USB card reader, transfer his photos to the card reader and later upload them at any cybercafes. As for videos, I think they’re too heavy/big to upload. Pictures will do for the time being.


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